Crankworx Cairns 2022 | Trek Official Australian Whip Off Championships

It was a fitting start to the paradise edition of Crankworx in Cairns with the Trek Official Australian Whip Off Championships. Some of the best riders in the world boosted above the rain forest as the sun crept down behind the mountains and got wildly sideways. Here’s what went down….

Words by Mike Branch | Photography Jesswah Media

It was the first day of Crankworx and the first dose of some of the best riders in the world hitting some of the biggest jumps in the nation, it was the opening day and a fitting start to the week-long festival.

The course wound it’s way out of the rainforest and into the finishing corral after two huge jumps that sent the riders high above the tropical landscape. There were whips, there were back flips, front flips and superman seat grabs – there was crowd that were on their feet.

The cheering from the crowd were only drowned out by the sound of a chainsaw as the ultimate hecklers established there footing and urged the riders to push even harder. The best riders in the nation and the world threw down and in the end there were two riders held above the field.

Jordy Scott took the top step in the Women’s category and Garrett Meachem took the win in the Men’s category.

Event Results

1. Garret Mechem (USA) // Jordy Scott (USA)
2. Thomas Locke (AUS) // Harriet Burbidge-Smith (AUS)
3. David McMillan (AUS)

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