This Week Between the Tape | Fox Superflow North Stromlo

There’s no denying that the Fox Superflow format is a raging beast of a racing setup in Australia with it’s popularity swarming across the nation. The NSW series has been super popular drawing huge numbers of riders to races across the state and into the ACT. This weekend’s race is not different with over 800 riders registered to race, let’s take a look at the details….

By Mike Branch | Photography Outer Image Collective

Fox Superflow North Stromlo 24-25th September 2022

Stromlo is home to an awesome network of trails and an ever growing mountain biking community and it’s no stranger to racing. The Fox Superflow Series has been coming here for some time and the huge numbers of entrants means that they have certainly picked the right location.

Stromlo Forest Park – Opperman Avenue, Stromlo ACT





As usual the racing is relaxed and focuses on fun between the tape for riders of all levels. You can race each track up to 5 times each with your fastest time counting for the overall time. This means you can send trains with you mates or pin it solo as long as you race the way you ride. There’s still entries available and if you want a wild weekend of racing fun then hit the Rocky Trail website for entry or further details….

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