UCI DH World Cup Snowshoe, USA 2022 | Final Results

Snowshoes continues to be an epic location for World cup Downhill racing, year after year it delivers a blockbuster finish and an amazing spectacle. This year was no different, with muddy conditions making for a super spicy final. Amaury Pierron again found the pace as did Camille Balanche in what has been an unstoppable year for the two. Here’s the full race results……

Elite Men

  1. Amaury Pierron 3:34.442
  2. Bernard Kerr 3:34.856
  3. Andreas Kolb 3:36.250
  4. Ronan Dunne 3:37.013
  5. Greg Minnaar 3:37.962

Elite Women

  1. Camille Balanche 4:28.585
  2. Myriam Nicole 4:32.730
  3. Nina Hoffmann 4:34.592
  4. Valentina Höll 4:44.489
  5. Monika Hrastnik 4:45.362

Junior Men

  1. Jackson Goldstone 3:50.127
  2. Tegan Cruz 3:55.452
  3. Sebastian Holguin Villa 3:59.173

Junior Women

  1. Gracey Hemstreet 5:24.114
  2. Aimi Kenyon 5:27.324
  3. Izabela Yankova 5:30.714

Snowshoe delivered another crazy round of UCI World Cup Downhill action in both the men’s and Women’s fields, from here it’s all eyes on Mont Saint Anne for the next round before World championships. Stay tuned to Brakes Wide Open for all the action….

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