UCI DHI World Cup Snowshoe, USA 2022 | Qualification Results

Qualifying at Snowshoe was an entertaining affair with some of the most testing race conditions for the year. It’s going to be a slippery affair with some of the gnarliest rock gardens on the circuit making sure the racing will be super spicy. Amaury Pierron qualified first despite being under the weather and Camille Balanche continued her epic form for 2022. Here’s the qualification results……

Elite Men

  1. Amaury Pierron 3:51.056
  2. Thibaut Daprela: 3:51.914
  3. Bernard Kerr: 3:51.966
  4. Loic Bruni 3:52.240
  5. Ronan Dunne 3:55.290

Elite Women

  1. Camille Balanche: 4:38.691
  2. Myriam Nicole: 4:45.549
  3. Valentina Holl: 4:50.105
  4. Eleonora Farina: 4:57.946
  5. Nina Hoffmann: 5:02.304

Junior Men

  1. Jackson Goldstone: 3:51.371
  2. Lachlan Stevens-McNab 4:03.292
  3. Tegan Cruz 4:04.749

Junior Women

  1. Phoebe Gale: 5:26.370
  2. Izabela Yankova 5:45.171
  3. Aimi Kenyon 5:50.959

The main event is in less than 24 hours and it looks set to be a gripping race full of suspense.Snowshoe has delivered unexpected results in the past and it looks like a race that the UK riders may well excel at, or will the Americans perform on their home turf? Stay tuned to Red Bull TV for the live action tonight…

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