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Rubber is the meat in the sandwich when it comes to going fast on mountain bikes, particularly when the trail points downward. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of mountain biking and traction is sometimes tough to find in Australian conditions. We spent the last 6 months testing Hutchinson’s Griffus 29 tyres on our Enduro test bike, designed for loose conditions they served us well…..

By Mike Branch

Product: Hutchinson Griffus 29 x 2.5 Tires

RRP: $89 (AUD)

Available at: Chain Reaction Cycles, Ride Sports (Australia) and selected bike shops.

The Nitty Gritty

The Hutchinson Griffus 29 tires are designed specifically for dry, hard pack terrain – something you won’t hear anyone say about many tires. They are designed for those of us that live in areas where all we get is dry and loose conditions and as a result the Griffus tire range was born.


  • Use: Enduro
  • Bead: Folding
  • Compound: Race Ripost Gravity
  • Weight: 900g – 1.1kg

The Griffus is constructed using the Race Ripost Gravity material, making it incredibly durable and ready to take on the challenges of enduro riding. The tread is designed with a symmetrical centre and side knobs, so you have a smoother, consistent ride when gaining speed on the trails.


Test Results

We tested the 29 x 2.5 and the 27.5 version of these tires and tested them in East Coast Australian conditions in mostly dry, hard pack – but the wet year we’ve had meant we could also test them in the wet. Designed specifically for dry, hard pack conditions it’s no surprise that they perfomed really well here in Queensland.

There’s not a lot to get stoked on with tyres, we could spend the day talking about compounds and how each one is developed and scientifically tested, but you’d be fast asleep and bored out of your brain. The easiest way to explain our interaction with the Griffus tyres is that they just work really well in the dry, loose conditions we encounter here in Australia.

They roll really well, have great side knob traction and seem to stick in the hardest of turns despite the apparent lack of traction on the trail. Braking isn’t sacrificed and the weight is somewhat reduced compared to some other brands offerings. To be fair, we really have come to enjoy riding these predictable tyres.

When the trail got wet and muddy, the performance was certainly less positive, with loss of traction not an uncommon feat. That being said they were still very predictable and it’s that predictability that made them easy to ride in the wet. If you are looking to ride in wet weather then the Griffus is not the first tyre you’d pick for the task.

The Final Word

The Hutchinson Griffus tyres don’t pretend to be anything else but a dry weather tyre that performs when traction is at a premium and the dusty conditions give way to hard pack. They perform well, they work, they are cost effective and they are relatively light for an enduro tire. If you are looking for juicy details about how the tread effects their efficacy on the trail then look elsewhere – here you will just get hard truth.

Do they work in the wet? Not so much, but they aren’t unrideable or terrible in those conditions. If you were riding moist or wetter conditions one would look towards another tyre, but if you want a tire that gives you bang for buck and has great performance in the dry then the Hutchinson Griffus may well be the right choice for you…..

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