This Week Between the Tape | Fox Superflow Toowoomba

The Fox Superflow Series heads back to one of the best locations to ride a bike in Queensland, Toowoomba this weekend. It’s set to be another epic round of Fox Superflow action and another great reason to ride your bike. We’ve got all the details including a discount entry code right here…..

Saturday 18 June & Sunday 19 June

With your choice of one of two days, the first round of the Fox Superflow Queensland Series heads to Toowoomba and the Jubilee Park trail system. Home to one of the best trail systems in the country and one of the biggest mountain bike towns in Queensland, Toowoomba is no stranger to gravity mountain bike racing.


There’s already around 150 riders entered with just over a week to go for the race so it’s no doubt that the numbers will bolster race week as is always the case. It will be a big day of racing for racers of all levels and with the addition of the optional Pro Stage for Sunday Racers, meaning even the elite racers can challenge themselves and battle it out on MacKenzie Frenzy.

Trails / Course


Starts easy on “Anonymous” before getting more challenging on “Hot Rod” and finally crossing the access road and hitting the lower “Mackenzie Frenzy” to finish at the event hub.

Map Colour: Black
Length: 1.6km
Vertical: 170m


Sharing its start with LAZER the classic “Calabri” onto “Rock and Roll” to finish just below the event hub.

Map Colour: Red
Length: 1.3km
Vertical: 125m


Sharing its start with STANS “Highline” into “Viper” to finish on “Rollercat”.

Map Colour: Blue
Length: 1.4km
Vertical: 125m

MAXXIS (Pro Stage)

The big dog… “Mackenzie Frenzy” from the top to finish on the Turkey Trail into the event hub.

Map Colour: Yellow
Length: 1.9km
Vertical: 265m


We have an inside scoop for all of our loyal readers and the local riding community, for those that want to grab an entry now or haven’t already entered they can use the code below to grab a discounted entry.




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