Race Day Highlights | EWS-E Tweed Valley

After eight long months of waiting, the EWS-E finally roared back into life right where it left off in southern Scotland at the EWS-E Tweed Valley! After intermittent rain showers in the build up, the morning of race day brought with it blue skies and sunshine. Sixty five kilometres across 13 stages and three loops awaited the best e-bike racers in the world!



  1. Edga Carballo Gonzalez 34:37.24
  2. Andrea Garibbo 34:56.62
  3. Leigh Johnson 35:04.78


  1. Laura Charles 40:43.29
  2. Tracey Moseley 41:18.75
  3. Alia Marcellini 41:55.24

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