Review | Huck to Flat Chimera adjustable Stem

It’s a world where adaptive forward thinking is the recipe for success, at least when it comes to bikes and components. The modern bike is versatile, customizable and performs like never before, so for a component to stand out it really has to shine. The Huck To Flat Components Chimera adjustable stem does just that – we’ve had one on test for the last 3 months and here’s our thoughts…..

By Mike Branch | Photography Jess Branch

Product: Huck To Flat Chimera Adjustable Stem

RRP: $249.95 AUD (with titanium bolts)

Available at: Huck To Flat Components or We The Riders

Who are Huck To Flat?

Huck to Flat Components is a Brisbane based component company that produces a smaller range of quality products made for the gravity mountain biker. It’s a company that is driven by the passion of Jonathan Hewitt, an engineer and passionate mountain biker. An Aussie company, that is bringing great products to the Australian Mountain biking market. You can check out our review of their ODIN Pedals here.

Technical Specifications and Details

  • Lightest in the world – 110g at 35mm Length
  • World’s first length adjustability (35mm, 40mm, 45mm (Patent Pending)
  • 0⁰ rise
  • 35mm clamp diameter
  • 40mm stack height
  • Suits 1 ⅛” steerer
  • CNC Machined from Billet 7075-T6 with GR5 Titanium Bolts
  • Lifetime Warranty

Test Results

Three months of testing has meant three months on a variety of terrain, including the Oceania’s DH Track at Kooralbyn, we’ve managed to hit up a variety of terrain and have to say that we have learnt a thing or two. The golden message of the Chimera Stem is that you can adjust the spacing to find you perfect fit, to really dial in your body position and test and try different ones. This is something we didn’t really get on board with at the start of the test, but if we are being honest we are well and truly on board now.

The test bike was a Commencal Meta AM 29 and one that has been on many tests before, it was built from frame up and customised all the way. When it came to the stem we put on the stem we always use, a 40mm stem, that’s what will work right? It wasn’t until we put HTF’s Chimera on test that we found out that it wasn’t quite the right stem length from the start.

Initially we tested it in 35mm length and found that the length was a little too short for us but that it was great to actually realize 5mm really does matter, the change in handling was immediately noticeable and the front wheel really wanted to rise – particularly on climbs. The beauty of the Chimera is the adjust-ability and when we moved to 40mm we felt at home with the same length that we have been running for some time now.

It wasn’t until we went to 45mm that the game really changed and the bike all of a sudden felt a whole lot better. The front end was more planted, traction felt better and the handling was markedly improved. This was a surprising revelation and one that would not have been possible without the Chimera stem, word is they are actually making it adjustable out to 50mm now as well.

The Final Word

The Huck To Flat Chimera stem is a component that we really have enjoyed testing, it’s one that has changed our bike setup for the better and taught us a thing or two along the way. It looks great, particularly with the oil slick bolts and performs in all gravity applications without issue. Like all good components it’s not cheap but for the level of customisation and quality of product you are getting, we reckon you get what you pay for. If you want to dial in your setup or have the ability to change it on the fly, then the Huck To Flat Chimera Stem may be right up your alley…..

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