Cannonball MTB Festival 2022 Day 4 | Fox Flow Motion Cup Part Two Heats Up

Day 4 of the 2022 Cannonbal MTB Festival delivered in spades with one of the biggest day on the hill with the Fox Flow Motion Group B Finals and the Rockshox Pump Track Challenge. The Pro Fields were stacked and some super close times and super fast speeds made it all the more interesting. Get set… here’s your day 4 highlights and results….

Fox Flow Motion Cup

Pro Men

  1. Luke Meier-Smith
  2. Ryan Gilchrist
  3. Connor Fearon

Pro Women

  1. Ellie Smith
  2. Zoe Cuthbert
  3. Teagan Molloy

Rockshox Pump Track Party

Pro Men

  1. Ryan Gilchrist
  2. Luke Meier-Smith
  3. Duke Millington

Pro Women

  1. Caroline Buchanan
  2. Danielle Beecroft
  3. Ellie Smith

It was another action packed day at the Cannonball MTB Festival at Thredbo and there is little doubt that the festivities will continue on into the night and the weekend. The main event kicks off tomorrow with the Oakley Australian Open Downhill and we look forward to seeing who stands on the top step at the end of the day…..

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