Cannonball MTB Festival 2022 Day 2 | Osprey All-Mountain Assault

Close to 600 riders competed in the first event of the 2022 Cannonball MTB Festival yesterday, speeding down the Osprey All-Mountain Assault trail at incredible speeds. With over 6 minutes of flat out racing for the elite racers, there was no shortage of lung busting, stamina testing riding. Here’s the highlights and results…..

Elite Men

  1. Ryan Gilchrist 6:31.66
  2. Luke Meier-Smith 6:37.14
  3. Tim Eaton 6:37.17

Elite Women

  1. Ellie Smith 7:30.44
  2. Leanna Curtis 7:32.251
  3. Tess Buckley 8:05.668


it was a blitzing day at Thredbo with Ryan Gilchrist knocking off some huge names including Connor Fearon, there’s little doubt he’s solidified his name as the up and coming rider in Australia. We look forward to seeing how he goes in a full EWS season this year and will keep you posted of his progress.

Cannonball is kicking off in a big way and stay tuned for all the race results and highlights in Brakes Wide Open.

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