Creator Series: Sam X Herbert

There’s many ways to get stoked on mountain biking and many ways to fulfill our need for quality content. When it comes to building stoke and keeping us hyped on bikes it’s crucial we have men like Sam X Herbert capturing all things mountain biking. We got the low down on what drives this creator and what makes him want to keep giving us blockbuster content…..

By Mike Branch | Photography by Sam X Herbert

Name: Sam X Herbert

Hails from: Greenbank, Queensland

Years riding bikes: 3

Years behind the lens: 10

If you frequent Boomerang Farm Bike Park or any of the SEQDH series events then you may well know Sam or at least his handy work. A man that captures epic action images and amazing video content, Sam is always helping build the stoke around riding bikes in Queensland. We took a look into what makes the man tick and what inspires his creativity behind the lens.

Sam hails originally from Jervis Bay in NSW, a coastal surf town that revolves around the beach and a laid back lifestyle – if you’ve met Sam then you can see where his laid back nature comes from. With nothing but the beach at his doorstep it’s only natural that his early days of photography were mainly focused on surf photography. In 2017 the fire for mountain biking was lit and so began the journey of creativity that Sam now follows.

What is your favourite type of mountain biking photos to shoot?

I absolutely without a doubt love to shoot races. The vibes are just unreal every single time. Enduros are great because everyone is just slogging it out but DH is just the best. Everyone is just there to have fun and the photos always turn out great because each rider is on their game….

sam x herbert

What do you love about mountain bike photography?

Nothing is ever the same. You can throw 15 people down the same jump or even corner and nearly every photo is going to have its own challenge attached to it and be completely different. Also that anyone can grab a camera and achieve some sort of artist quality behind the shot that is their own, so even if the industry is saturated, you can still tell who’s taken what and it isn’t all identical.


What inspires you to Create?

My friends for the most part. I love seeing them break barriers and cross boundaries to improve their own skill set which in turn makes me want to get out there more and do the same. I’m very lucky to have a group of creators around me that I can call good friends now and I can bounce off them for ideas.


There’s many creators out there and each and everyone of us takes a different journey with a different tale. The creator series is about shining the light on those men and women so that we may all spend a moment appreciating their talents and being thankful for the content they create. Sam X Herbert is one of those creators and you can contact him via instagram DM if you are chasing a creator to do any of the following:

  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Photo and Video Packages
  • Photo Shoots and Race Photography

I’d just like to add how immensely grateful I am to be in this industry and community with the people that are in it. Every DM I get of someone asking for advice or just wanting to chat is honestly the best to me. I love being able to give advice or opinions on something, to someone who is genuinely interested in that topic.


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