The Creator Series: Jesse Chirizzi

It’s the men and women behind the lens’, those camera-wielding magicians that capture the moments on and off the bike at all of the major events, local races or on the trails that makes it all possible. The Creator Series seeks to highlight these creators and give you a little insight into what makes them tick. We caught up with Jesse Chirizzi for some insight into what makes him tick….

By Mike Branch | Photography by Jesse Chirizzi (Jesswah)

We live in a technological world, a world where everything is delivered direct to our devices, straight to our hands and direct to our minds. A time when creators are king and every moment we capture in the world is a moment shared with others via your favorite social media platform or website. Without the creators, there would be no magic.

Jesse Chirizzi is one of those creators, a man that spends his free time captivating us with his images and snapping madly from the bushes as racers blaze past. Located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland he’s a fixture in the local mountain bike scene. We caught up with Jesse to delve a little deeper into what drives his passion to shoot, what gear he uses and the run down on what he loves shooting.

Name: Jesse Chirizzi aka Jesswah

From: Sunshine Coast , Queensland Australia     

Area you live in: Doonan next to Tewantin

Years riding bikes: 2.5 years

Years behind the lens:  4 years

Favourite Camera: Nikon Z6 Mirrorless

Favourite Lens spec: That’s a hard one, probably my 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art series

Jesse loves shooting darker moody shots with vibrant forest greenery, rainforest landscapes with epic well built trails are ideal, pretty much Derby, Tasmania. He particularly loves using flash in his photos to get detail on the rider in those darker locations deep in the greenery….

You can find Jesse shooting at his local, Wooroi trail network, Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast. His inspiration is derived from riding fast on lush green forest trails and watching amazing riders achieve the unbelievable on bikes. A rider who’s passion has flooded across the lens and into our minds, Jesse is a fixture on the DH and Enduro race scene.

What do you love about Mountain bike photography?

I’m obsessed with Mountain Biking in general, I enjoy seeing what some of my super talented friends can do on bikes, I get excited to think about how I can document their skills in an exciting way. It’s such a fun sport and I have nearly as much fun shooting it as I do riding bikes.

Where do you see the future of Mountain bike photography going?

I think it is going in the direction of mobile phone photography, with the level of quality a new Iphone can shoot and the fact they fit in your pocket, I think we will see a heap more exciting mtb shots coming from phones.

Services Jesse offers are:

  • Race day coverage for event organisers, he can cover a whole race with his photographer partners. He also offers race coverage to a group of mates or if a race team or brand want exclusive coverage of an event.
  • Coaching Progression Shoots – Working with Mountain Bike Coaching Australia, Jesse will document your coaching session as you progress through the day. It’s pretty rewarding to see the transformation of a few hours coaching.
  • New Bike Day Shoots – Jesse can get a heap of shots of your new pride n joy, then capture you putting it to the test.
  • General shred sessions – Get a group of mates together, we can work out a plan of the shots we want to achieve, you guys shred and I get the shots.
  • Professional Content Creation – Jesse can meet up to discuss the needs of your business and help to achieve what you need to sell your product and grow your brand.

If you are looking for a creator for any of the above then flick Jesse a DM on instagram or email him at

Instagram at

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