First Look: Barkbuster MTB Handguards

Have you ever nailed your hand or fingers against a tree as you snaked your way down the hill at lightning pace on your mountain bike? Do you love ripping down tight single track where your bar width is determined by the terrain? Well, the Barkbuster MTB Handguards might be a welcome addition to your rig, let’s have a look at the details.

Words by Mike Branch, Photography by Jesse Chirizzi

Product: Barkbusters MTB Handguards

RRP: $79.99

Available at: Pushys and all good bike stores

Who are Barkbusters?

Barkbusters are an Australian brand that have been producing handguards for the moto industry since 1984 and have solidified their name in the business. They are known globally for their quality products and offer the ultimate in hand protection for moto applications. After years of requests from the gravity mountain bike scene, the product developers at Barkbusters have answered the call and delivered their MTB Handguard.

Aimed at the gravity market, the MTB handguards are suitable for downhill, enduro and e-bike applications; but if you want to make your pub bike look fully sick then who are we to stop you. These hand guards are designed to protect your mits from front-on impacts and keep your knuckles in one piece – time will tell the tale.

We’ve picked up a set of their MTB single point mount handguards and plan on putting them through their paces over the next few months. Our test pilot Jesse Chirizzi is known for whacking his bars and hands on trees and other natural features, so we figured he’s be the best man to lead the charge. Stay tuned to Brakes Wide Open for the review as Jesse gives the Barkbusters some curry and gets a little sendy…..

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