Rider Review: Huck to Flat Odin Pedals

The ‘foot out, flat out’ mantra is alive and well in Australia with our recent poll showing nearly 60% of riders are opting for flat pedals when they hit the trails. The loose and dry terrain plays a big part in our pedal choice, so it’s no surprise that many Aussie riders lean towards flat pedals. We took a look at Brisbane based component company Huck To Flat’s ‘Odin’ pedals, a sturdy set of low profile flats that are built to be ridden fast. After two months of testing we penned out thoughts….

By Mike Branch

Product: Huck To Flat ‘Odin’ Pedals

RRP: AUD$160

Available at: Huck to Flat and We The Riders

The Nitty Gritty

The Odin is a pedal that has been well thought out, not only do they look the goods but have a whole lot of tech and ‘R & D’ go into their development. Brisbane-based engineer and owner of HTF Jonathan Hewett is a man who’s passion and skill have been bled into the development of the ‘Odin’ pedals, literally on some occasions. It’s quite apparent on first site that these pedals mean business and are for serious flat pedal riders…

ODIN Specs:

  • Thin profile: 13-17mm thick
  • Large Platform: 106 x 101mm
  • 2mm of concavity through the centre
  • Light weight: 392g per set
  • Max Grip or Standard tune options (both included)
  • Sealed cartridge and PTFE (Teflon) lined plain bearings
  • Made from aerospace grade aluminium and heat-treated chromoly
  • Designed using 3D modelling and FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

Setting up your Pedals

The Odin pedals come devoid of pins out of the box with a choice of shorter pins and the big gun maxx grip pins to choose from. The instructions were simple, all the parts and lock tight were supplied and there’s even some grease to service your pedals with later on. They come in a nifty environmentally friendly box and they look damn good, we were pretty keen to get them on the bike and on the trail. We went straight for the Maxx grip pins, mounted them, spun them into the crank arms and loaded the bike up for some trail time.

Test Results

The set of HTF Odin’s we had went straight onto a long travel Commencal Meta 29 and have been put to the test over the last few months of riding in South East Queensland. We’ve headed to a variety of differing locations from off the map secret jank, downhill trails and the newly built West Mt Cotton trails; these pedals have seen their fair share of dirt and have the scars to prove it.

The first thing you notice with the Odin pedals is the grip. Instantly when you put your feet on the pedals, it’s pretty clear that there’s no shortage of grip and your feet aren’t going to wander – a welcoming attribute for any flat pedals. The concavity of the pedal body seems to allow your foot to rest inside the pedal almost and you almost feel clipped in – the grip is that good.

On the trail the pedals felt great with no slippage and the large platform really allows you to push into the pedals and optimise your grip in the corners. On the climbs they performed as well as any pedals and you certainly didn’t notice any problems with grip on the climbs either. We don’t ride for the climbs though, if we couldn’t descend we sure as heck wouldn’t climb the hills. So when the trail points down how do they go?

When the trail got rowdy the Huck To Flat Odin pedals clearly come into their own, in fact they are the best flat pedals we have tested over the last few years – that includes some big hitting pedals from some big brands. The concave design that allows your foot to really sink into the center of the pedals sure seems to help the ‘clipped in’ feeling that these pedals deliver, when paired with a decent set of flat shoes…. grip is the order of the day.

The Final Word

There’s plenty of brands making good kit and more brands putting components on the market – Huck To Flat have somehow managed to make something that stands out from the competition. The ‘Odin’ pedals have been well thought out, well executed and deliver outstanding performance. We expect to see more of HTF in the future and if you are chasing a new set of flat pedals then consider supporting local industry and support HTF, we doubt you will be disappointed…..


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