Fox Super Flow South East Queensland

The time has come for Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Fox Super Flow series to head down to South East Queensland after a stint up North for the Northern QLD series. There’s three races to get busy amongst the tape with and three chances to race the way you ride. Let’s take a look at the line up….

By Mike Branch

What is Fox Super Flow?

If you don’t know what Fox Super Flow is then you have been missing out, it’s a super popular race format by the team at Rocky Trail Entertainment and it’s spread across the nation like wild fire. Put simply it’s a relaxed version of enduro racing, with a little less gnar, a whole lot more of a relaxed environment and a focus on fun above all else. This is grass roots racing at it’s best and that’s why we love the format.

Rocky Trail Fox Superflow, Nerang, 2020, Photo: Outer Image Collective

There are generally three stages, predominantly ‘enduro type’ stages but with b-lines on all features and a focus on flow over gnar. This means everyone can have a go without stressing about their skill level, meaning a more inclusive race format and one the hordes love. You can race all three stages up to five times and the fastest time for each stage will count for your overall, fastest overall time for the day wins the biscuits in each category. Simple right? Oh and did we mention you can run trains with your mates if you want too….

July 24-25, Nerang

The first round heads to Nerang State Forest, just a stone’s throw from the beaches of the Gold Coast and a trail network that has been around for sometime. The trails there are known to be a bit rocky and loose, much like everywhere in SEQ. The good news is that you can race on either day, Saturday or Sunday and there are new stages being raced this year.

2020 Fox Super Flow Nerang Race Report

Rocky Trail Fox Superflow, Nerang, 2020, Photo: Outer Image Collective

The Stages for this year’s Fox Super flow at Nerang are as follows:

  • FOX – Starting at the far end of “Baileys” before the very popular “Elevator”. Track is 1.8km long and descends just over 100m of vertical.
  • STANS – Starting from the near end of “Baileys” and traversing parallel to the road before dropping onto “BnB” for a fun descent. Track in 1.4km and descends approx. 80m of vertical.
  • Lazer – The classic “Three hills” onto the Comm Games Loops to return to the event hub. Track is nearly 2.5km long and has 150m of vertical.


7 August, Ipswich – Castle Hill

The second round of the SEQ series heads to Castle Hill in Ipswich and looks set to be another awesome race. This was our favourite Fox Super Flow last year and one that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Last year’s race had four stages and they were fast and fun stages that meant you could bang out a huge number of laps. The numbers were big and this was a blockbuster event, stay tuned to Brakes Wide Open for further details soon.

2020 Fox Super Flow Castle Hill Race Report


Fox Super Flow, Ipswich 2020, Photo: Outer Image Collective

4 August, Mt Joyce

Mt Joyce is steeped in the history of mountain biking in Queensland and is an epic location for the last round of the series. Last year’s race was one that tested the fitness of the riders and whilst the course wasn’t super technical, it was long and flowy. Stay tuned to Brakes Wide Open for further details of the event as the race gets closer.

2020 Fox Super Flow Mt Joyce Race Report


Fox Super Flow, Mt Joyce 2020, Photo: Outer Image Collective

There’s little doubt that if you are on the fence about racing bikes, then the Fox Super Flow Series was designed just for you. It truly is grass roots racing at it’s finest; relaxed, flowy and a whole load of fun. No Stress about messing up your race run… you have five on each stage if you need. No stress about how gnarly the track is… there’s B-lines to everything. Put plainly, no stress just racing the way you ride, with your mates and with a smile on your dial.

We’ll be out there between the tape to check out the series and on the side line to capture all the photographic goodness. If you see us out there say g’day and as always…keep the brakes wide open. See you on the trails

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