First Look: Huck To Flat Odin Pedals

There’s little doubt that if you ride mountain bikes then you need a decent set of pedals, something to keep you connected to the bike and shredding hard. For those of us that ride flat pedals, there couldn’t be a more important component than pedals. Brisbane based company Huck to Flat’s new Odin pedals are engineered and designed in Australia and claim to provide an awesome flat pedal solution for the loose Australian conditions.

By Mike Branch

We’ve grabbed a set of their new ‘Odin’ pedals and will be putting them to the test over the next few months. Our first impressions are good, they are sleek, sturdy and low profile; all attributes that are ingredients for a good pedal. The concave nature of the pedal design claims to allow your foot to sit in the pedal rather than just on top of the pedal, enhancing the grip, something we are keen to put to the test.

The first thing you notice when you open the box is the quality packaging and the attention to detail, not many pedals come with everything you need to get them on the trail and service them. The Odin’s come with two different size pin lengths, washers to customize the grip to your liking, enough locktite to install all of the pins and some specialized grease to re-grease and service the pedals after wear. It’s the finer details that make a difference.

Who are Huck To Flat?

Huck to Flat is a Brisbane based component company that has just started finding their feet in the ever growing mountain bike industry. Born from a passion for mountain biking and a background of engineering, Huck to Flat are aimed squarely at the mountain bike market. Founder Jonathan Hewett is a mechanical engineer with over 6 years of design experience in the automotive industry, an expert level mountain biker, he decided to turn his skills towards the industry he loves….mountain biking.

From a desire to have high quality components designed to push the limits and built to last….Huck to Flat was born. Their aim is to deliver high quality components at an affordable price, something that is often hard to achieve.

We will be spending the next few months pushing these pedals to their limits on a variety of different terrain, from flow trails to technical trail riding, gravity-fed downhill to ominous rock gardens….we plan to see how they hold up. Stay tuned for our review, as always keep the brakes wide open and see you on the trails.

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