In Focus: Sendy MTB Gear

Born from a love of mountain biking and a family passionate about riding in the Snowy Mountains, Sendy is a kid-specific mountain biking brand that has the whole family covered. This Australian Company has aimed itself square at the family market and have developed mountain bike attire, protection and cool kit for kids and adults as well. No longer do you have to search for some kid-specific mountain biking gear, Sendy have you covered and you can support a Aussie brand at the same time. Over the next few months we will be bringing you reviews on some of their gear that we have had on test for while now, so stay tuned and get ready to get sendy…..

Who are Sendy MTB?

Sendy are a kid specific mountain bike brand that hail from the Australia’s Snowy Mountains and are born from a love of mountain biking and the stoke that you can only see on a kid’s face. This family business is grown from the mountains and born from the need for mountain bike gear that suits kids, after all kids aren’t just small adults. All the gear is tested at Thredbo by the family that owns the business and the gear is made of quality construction to ensure that it withstands the impeding destruction that kid’s are known for.

What’s on Offer?

Sendy have you covered from head to toe, from the age of about 5 years old all the way up to adult sizes. They offer apparel inclusive of jerseys, shorts, padded shorts and glove and protection such as knee pads and elbow pads. For those looking for a big day on the bike or a need to carry a snack they also offer hydration packs from children’s sizes all the way up to adults. The really have the whole lot covered and the gear looks pretty good so far…

Products on Review

At present we have a plethora of gear on review from the team at Sendy including:

  • Shorts
  • Jerseys
  • Gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Socks
  • Hydration packs

We have a few of our review team working on these projects so rest assured we will have some quality reviews inbound shortly.

Stay tuned and see you on the trails…..

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