Ride Review: Sensus Grips ‘DISISDABOSS’

When it comes to riding bikes many of us ride them very differently, some like to ride fast, some like to ride stylishly, some like to boost jumps and some like to ride just plain safe. There’s no denying that there is more than one way to skin a cat (or ride a bike), but there’s some things that can’t be denied…. we all like to have some decent grips on the ends of those metal things we call handlebars. We took a look at Sensus Grips’ Andreu Lacondeguy signature grips ‘DISISDABOSS’ and bring you our thoughts….

By Mike Branch

Product: Sensus Grips ‘DISISDABOSS’ lock on grips

RRP: $54.99 AUD

Available at: Sensus Grips, For The Riders and all good bike stores

The Nitty Gritty

Sensus are brand that was born from the depths of free ride, in fact from the mind of Cam Zink one of the greatest mountain bikers to grace this planet. Word is Cam Zink couldn’t find grips he liked so he designed and developed his own brand and so Sensus was born. The ‘DISISDABOSS’ grips are Andreu Lacondaguy’s signature grip and he played a role in designing them. Available in three colours and sporting the following features:

  • 148mm Overall Length
  • 115mm Grip Area
  • 30mm Diameter
  • Overlapping Flanges
  • Double Lock w/ SnapCaps

Test Results

There is no denying that these grips look great, but at the end of the day you would be hard pressed to make an ugly grip; after all, they are just coloured rubber whacked on the end of you bars right? Well not exactly, they are all made from differing compounds have different patterns, feel and design. The DISISDABOSS grips definitely served a purpose and provided plenty of grip, were soft enough to use without gloves and were super easy to install.


Overall they performed well and as someone that likes to ride with no gloves quite often, these have been my favorite pair of grips that I have used thus far, slightly out-performing the ODI Elite grips in my opinion.

The Final Word

Whilst this review is just one rider’s perspective, it’s fair to say there is a reason a bunch of pros are using these grips. Every rider has different tastes and some people prefer a harder grip or fatter grip, but for those of you that prefer a soft grip with awesome amounts of grip and one that can look good doing it….. then the Sensus ‘DISISDABOSS’ grips might be the ones for you.

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