Rider Review: Funn Fundamental Flat Pedals

A good set of flat pedals can define a ride, it can make a good ride amazing and kill it just as quickly. The harsh, dry conditions of Australia mean that many of us that don’t live in the Southern States love to pair a great bike with an equally good set of flat pedals and flat shoes. Whilst we all agree that everyone is different and some riders love clipless and vice versa, there’s no denying that riding flat pedals can improve your bike skills and it is just plain fun. We took a look at Funn’s Fundamental Flat Pedals and after a couple of months of testing, here’s our two cents….

Product: Funn Fundamental flat Pedals

RRP: 149.95

Available at: MTB Direct and KWT Imports

Chain Reaction Cycles – Find your new ride, shop 2021 road, mtb, gravel bikes. All duties and taxes paid on all bikes

The Nitty Gritty

Funn say they have designed these pedals from the ground up and have added the GRS system to make maintenance easy. The GRS system essentially is an easy way to add grease to your pedals and keep them spinning like new; simply remove the GRS screw and renew the grease with a small syringe of grease.

CNC machined alloy 6061, these pedals are tough, durable and look good whilst maintaining a relatively light weight.

  • Tough and lightweight AL6061 body
  • Cartridge bearing and DU bushing
  • 11 two-way removable pins
  • GRS system for easy maintenance
  • Platform size: W105mm x L110mm x H17mm
  • Supplied with long and short pins, washers and tools
  • Blue / red / black / silver / green / blue / orange
  • 415g per pair
  • 7 colours

Chain Reaction Cycles – Find your new ride, shop 2021 road, mtb, gravel bikes. All duties and taxes paid on all bikes

Test Results

The bottom line of any test is whether the kit worked, how it felt, what it looked like and the overall feel on the trail. The Funndamental flat pedals felt great on the trail, no shortage of grip, the bearings spun freely and the red pedals matched our Commencal Meta AM 29 test bike to a tee. One thing that really can make you hate a pair of flat pedals real quick is lack of grip of slippage on the sole of your shoes, these pedals were all grip when paired with a pair of Five-Ten impact shoes.

The platform was big enough without being too big and durability was on point with a few pedal strikes testing the metal of the pedals. As with any pedals make sure you whack some thread locker on the pins when installing them otherwise you’ll lose a few pins, there are spare pins available to replace them meaning you can keep these pedals on your rig beyond the life of the pins. Overall the Funn Funndamental Flat pedals exceeded our expectations and certainly performed at as high a level as any of the flat pedals we have tested so far.

Chain Reaction Cycles – Find your new ride, shop 2021 road, mtb, gravel bikes. All duties and taxes paid on all bikes

The Final Word

Flat pedals may not be for everyone, many will say clipless pedals are faster and better; but the overwhelming majority of riders still ride flats. Funn’s Funndamental Flats are an excellent offering an affordable price, they perform well, are built to last, are designed for easy maintenance and look good on the bike. If you are in the market for some new flats that won’t break the bank then these pedals may be a good fit for you…..

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