Review: Kids Ride Shotgun Tow Rope and Hip Pack

There’s many things great about being a parent, but one of the greatest things is sharing your passion for mountain biking with them from an early age. The team at Kids Ride Shotgun know this all too well, we have already shared our love for the Shotgun Seat and Handlebar combo, now we spent some time with their latest addition ‘The Shotgun MTB Tow Rope and Hip pack….

By Ben Svikss

Product: Shotgun MTB Tow Rope

RRP: $110AUD for the Tow Rope or $140 AUD for the Tow Rope Hip Pack Combo

Available at: Kids Ride Shotgun or all good bike stores

For the last 18 months, my daughter and I have been cruising around together on the Kids Ride Shotgun Bike Seat, however the last couple of months we stopped using the seat as she simple grew out of it and loves riding her own bike.

At only 5 she is pretty confident on her bike, but I thought the local trails were probably a bit beyond her and I was hesitant to take her out… that was until we had the opportunity to give the new Shotgun MTB Tow Rope a test ride.

First Impressions

Once you open the package you get a feel for how well Kids Ride Shotgun gear is manufactured, for those who have the Shotgun Children’s Bike Seat will know what I am talking about! The quality and finer details are next level.

We got the chance to test out the full kit, Tow Rope and Hip Pack. The tow rope is really well designed and super simple to attach with stem loop and carabiner included. The Hip Pack sports a cool unisex design, room to store the tow rope when not in use and an extra pocket to chuck your keys or a snack in; it’s made from polyester with an easy to clean PVC outer which will keep it looking new for longer.

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On The Trails

After hooking up the tow rope we hit some pretty flat trails to get use to the tension of the rope and the whole idea of me towing my daughter along, but surprisingly we were off straight away and started climbing.

The shock absorbing tow rope makes towing super easy and barely noticeable. After reviewing the photos we took, I actually noticed that my daughter did a lot of the riding herself as the rope was slack in some of the photos but where the rope did come into play for us is when the techy bits; ruts, roots and rocks got too hard to peddle up. You can feel the elastic in the rope start working, making it easy for your little one to keep on going as you pull them up and over the difficult parts of the trail.

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The Experience

My daughter and I had a blast, it was so cool for her to experience what I do on her own bike, although she still wants to use the Shot Gun Children’s Seat! We were out on the trails at Nerang for nearly two hours cruising around. After practicing on a few sections of trail we both built up the courage to try a green loop, although we had to walk a couple small sections we got though unscathed and the confidence she got out of the ride was amazing. I can’t wait to hit the trails again and see her skills develop further.

The Final Word

We found that the Kids Ride Shotgun Tow Rope builds confidence for young mountain bikers, whilst allowing them to go the extra mile or two with the power of Mum or Dad’s legs. It’s a quality product that is easy to install and means that when your kids outgrow the Kids Ride Shotgun Seat, they can move onto the tow rope and get more time on the trails with their parents. It might make it a little hard to get some alone time on the trails from now on though…..

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