SEQDH have released the race calendar for the year inclusive of race locations, so now you can lock in those dates. It looks like a season of good fixtures with some great ride locations including Boomerang Farm, Illinbah and some other favourite race locations. Notably, the season opener is actually in NSW at Coffs Harbour. It’s going to be great to have Downhill back racing again after a year without SEQDH last year.

Fixtures are listed below, there is a clash with the Boomerang Farm round being on the same weekend as the opening round of the Queensland Enduro Series, due to limited availability of Boomerang Farm, SEQDH have locked in this date.

We will keep you up to date of any changes and race entries can be found here when they are open.

6 Seven Factory Racing

Demon United

LY100 Goggles

Terra Venture – MSC Tires UK

Absolute Black

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