Boomerang Farm Xmas Jam: Photo Epic

Boomerang Farm Bike Park is well known in Queensland as one of the premier locations for gravity riding and arguably the home of Free ride mountain biking in Queensland. One of the best locations to ride a long travel bike in Australia and certainly a favourite for the Brakes Wide Open Team. Every year the Boomerang Farm Christmas Jam is on and showcases everything great about the park in a celebration of all things gravity, from dirt jumps to whip-offs, its an event that is as much fun as a spectator as it is as a rider (well almost).

By Mike Branch

The weekend was a load of fun with some awesome events including a downhill race on ‘Rodneys’, whip-offs, a big line session and a whole lot of riding bikes and having fun. We took a look through the eyes of two of the resident photographers, Sam Bianchetto (SAMXHERBERT) and Eduardo Knoch (Dutzik). These two legends of the lens were kind enough to give us a birds eye view of the festivities over the weekend in this awesome photo epic!

Downhill Results

There’s little doubt that Boomerang Farm is by far one of the best locations to throw a leg over the bike in South East Queensland and Australia as a whole. It’s also home to a mad crew of amazing riders who love nothing more that riding bikes and having fun, the Christmas Jam is a celebration of every year on the bike, every jump sent, every berm railed and every trail dug, hand by hand. The tireless work the team do out there to maintain the trails and keep bringing us awesome new features to ride is nothing short of awesome. Thanks for another awesome year Boomerang Farm and here’s to many more!

This photographic Journey has been brought to you by Sam X Herbert and Eduardo Knoch (Dutzik) do yourself a favour and check out their work and DM them if you are chasing a rad photographer for some awesome bike shots.

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