Rider Review: Fabric Scoop Flat Elite Saddle

There are a few contact points on a bike that are important, grips, pedals and lastly your saddle. Whilst your saddle may or may not be as important as the other contact points for gravity riding, it still needs to be comfy and look good, especially if you spend long days in the saddle. We took a look at a more budget friendly offering from Fabric, the Scoop Elite Flat saddle, in particular the team version; after a few months of testing here’s our thoughts…

By Mike Branch

Product: Fabric Scoop Elite Flat Team edition

RRP: $90 AUD

Available at: Chain Reaction Cycles, MTB Direct and all good bike stores

The Nitty Gritty

The Fabric Scoop is designed for riders of all disciplines and there are a few varying shapes to suit differing needs. We took a look at the Flat version which is designed for a more aggressive front position, one that may be seen when climbing, something that many of us trail riders are used to, after all we don’t sit on the saddle on the way down the trail. It has a thinner nose to allow better leg movement when pushing through the pedals and a durable and flexible design.

Rails: Cro-mo (7mm)

Base: Flexible nylon

Cover: Microfibre

Profile: Flat

Weight: 244g

Width: 142mm

Length: 282mm

Mid rail to saddle topper 47mm Cro-mo rails (7mm)

Test Results

The first thing you notice about the Team version of the Fabric Scoop is how good it looks with red logo splashed across the top. Whilst looking good never won any awards when it came to mountain bike saddles, it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. The minimalist design is noticeable with a mix between light weight and comfort, it certainly doesn’t have the comfort of many other saddles, with less padding on the rear. It tucks nicely out of the way on the descents and the shape is comfortable enough on the climbs, however a touch more padding wouldn’t go astray if you are spending a bit of time in the saddle.

We did find that there is a fraction of movement in the rear of the seat, this is due to the flexibility of the seat we believe and our test seat was susceptible to a bit of creaking that needed a fraction more torque to get rid of. Overall we found the Fabric Scoop to be great value for money and for less than $90 AUD, it’s pretty hard to beat for value, looks and function. We would probably lean towards the Radius version of the scoop for our everyday trail bike or if you wanted a bit more comfort.

The Final Word

There’s no doubt that every rider has different tastes when it comes to saddles and after a few months of testing the Fabric Scoop Elite Flat we were not disappointed but not blown away, the saddle is great value for money and looks great. For that price point it is hard to get a better quality saddle and it certainly does the job for all of your mountain biking needs. If you are after some more comfort and have a bit more cash in your wallet to spend then perhaps lean towards the radius version of the scoop, which has more padding but the same positive design points.

As always, stay safe on the trails and keep the Brakes Wide Open……

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