Review: Kid Ride Shotgun MTB Seat

As a mountain biking parent there is nothing you would love more than to immerse your child in the wonderful would of mountain biking as soon as you possibly can. The issue is that at a young age it can be hard to share your favourite past time with your new best mate, after all they can barely ride a balance bike. That’s why the amazing folks at Kids Ride Shotgun have developed a way you can share the trails and the stoke with your young one at an age as young as two….. enter the Kids Ride Shotgun MTB Seat. We took a good look at this awesome bit of kit and have penned our thoughts…

By Mike Branch

Product: Kids Ride Shotgun MTB Seat and Handlebar Combo

RRP: $269 aud (Seat and Handlebar) or $220 for just the seat

Available at: Kids Ride Shotgun and all good bike shops

The Nitty Gritty

The Kids Ride Shotgun MTB seat is aimed squarely at the mountain biking parents of today that would love to spend time on the trails with their young kids. Aimed at children aged 2-5 years of age, it is front mounted so your young ripper can sit right up front and enjoy the trails from pole position, just like you. It fits on any bike and works well with both full suspension or hardtails, this means you can whack the seat on your regular trail bike and hit the trails as you normally would.

  • Front mounted child seat for kids 2 ā€“ 5 years
  • Full rubber protection (for alloy or carbon frames)
  • Adjustable width and angle to fit all mountain bikes
  • Quick release fitting for easy installation and removal

The seat and handlebar come well packed in a box with instructions on how to mount them, installation is easy and there’s a video below if you are having trouble. Once you have done it a few times it will take you no time to get it on or off.

Test Results

We grabbed the nearest toddler, whacked on the Shotgun Seat and headed to the trails for a month of testing on and off the trails. Arguably the best bit of kit we have tested for a long time, the Kids Ride Shotgun MTB seat is an innovation that adds a new level of stoke to mountain bike parenting. It was super easy to install and remove, meaning we didn’t have to keep it on the bike all the time, when we weren’t taking the young one out for a spin, it sat squarely in the draw of the workshop or in the back seat of the car.

On the trail it really shined with true value, the smiles that toddlers cast out into the world is hard to beat and their first real taste of trail stoke is something to witness. Having your kid in front gives them a bird’s eye view of the trail and instead of being a passenger they can feel like they are riding the bike and steering with their own dedicated handlebars. The smiles that shine on through the day are well worth the reasonable price point placed on this awesome bit of kit.

Not only does the Kids Ride Shotgun MTB seat look the business but the sturdy construction, awesome foot straps and the dedicated handlebar all make sure that your most prized possession is safe and sound as they learn the ways of riding bikes on the trail. As your child gains confidence on the seat they will soon be shouting ‘Faster!’, tucking for speed and standing up on the foot pegs. There is little doubt that this is by far the best way to get your kid on the bike, on the trail and exploring new places.

Our final word on the Kids Ride Shotgun MTB Seat and handlebar combo is that it is a truly awesome bit of kit that every mountain biking parent should have. The stoke that is found in the eyes of your child as they pin it down the trail is unmistakable, the smiles that don your face are equally unmistakable. If you have young kids and you ride bikes, you should get your hands on a Kids Ride Shotgun Seat….

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  1. I saw something similar but was told that they were officially illegal in the European Union! I clamped an old saddle to the top tube of a spare bike and made some footrests to bolt to a bottle cage mount. My son and I went up plenty of hills, mainly off road, and had a great time.. It’s a great bit of kit but I’m glad mine didn’t cost me anything! By the time he got too big, he could ride.

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