Rider Review: Absolute Black Chain Guide with Bash Guard

If you like to point the bike downhill then you almost certainly love a good chain guide and bash guard, particularly if you race. One of the biggest drawbacks to a bash guard and chain guide combo is the sheer weight of the beast, but wouldn’t you rather be smashing the bash guard instead of the chain ring? For us at Brakes Wide Open it’s an absolute necessity. We took a look at Absolute Black’s Chain guide and Bash guard combo recently, putting it to the test in all kinds of conditions…

Product: Absolute Black Chain Guide and Bash Guard

RRP: $110.95 USD or $156 AUD

Available at: Absolute Black and all good bike stores

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The Nitty Gritty

The Absolute Black Chain guide and Bash guard comes in at super light 69 grams, that’s right it doesn’t even weigh 100g, including all the titanium bolts. That will have some of the weight-conscious riders out there standing on their seats and singing to the heavens.

Backplate: 7075 aluminium, Cage and bash plate: GF + PA66 polymer composite, Bolts: Titanium Torx T25

ISCG 05 Mounts, Boost or non-boost compatible, designed for Oval Chain rings but works well with round chain rings as well.

Testing Results

The Absolute Black chain guide and bash guard has been on the enduro rig for the last 6 months and it has seen its fair share of gnar. The first thing that I noticed was how much lighter the guide and bash guard is when compared to other brands, it replaced a MRP branded one and is night and day the difference in weight; you can see why Absolute Black have touted it as the lightest guide and bash guard on the market. Rock Gardens were sent, jumps were hit, gnarly single track was tackled and buttery smooth berms were railed, in each and every instance the chain remained firmly in place and the focus was on the trail ahead.

The bash guard certainly got a few whacks and most of which were at high speed when the rider perhaps didn’t pick his line overly well and put the bike firmly into plow mode. Surprisingly it held up to the task at hand despite being made from light-weight composite material. Whilst it isn’t surprising the folks at Absolute Black have made a super sturdy bit of kit, it is astounding that it can come in at such a fly-weight. Simply put, it’s a bit of kit that has been practical, durable and looks the part in every way, shape and form.

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The Final Word

For us at Brakes Wide Open this is a stand out product and something that certainly leaves the competition a long way behind…

With clutch derailleurs and narrow-wide chain rings, some might say a chain guide is almost unnecessary on the modern bike. For those of us that chase steeper and more challenging trails or don a race plate, it is an absolute necessity. The one factor that may put rider’s off using a chain guide and bash guard is the weight it might add, Absolute Black have not only taken that excuse away but they delivered a stellar bit of kit weighing in at 69g. For us at Brakes Wide Open this is a stand out product and something that certainly leaves the competition a long way behind….

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