Rider Review: Demon Enduro Knee Pads

When it comes to knee pads there are a number of available choices and each has its pros and cons. We have been running the Demon Hyper knee pads for a while for all forms of gravity riding and have found them to offer outstanding protection but can be a little restrictive for a long day on the bike. Recently Brakes Wide Open picked up a set of the Demon Enduro knee pads and put the lightweight sibling on offer from the team at Demon to the test. Here’s our thoughts….

Product: Demon Enduro Knee

RRP: USD 49.99 (approximately $75 AUD)

Available at: www.demonunited.com

The Nitty Gritty

Super light weight and designed to not restrict movement whilst providing some cover for the pedal-orientated gravity rider.

Made from Airoprene material with 10mm EVA Foam padding, coated in a Kevlar knee cover. These pads are certainly made with less protection but with much more movement and flexibility whilst maintaining a super light weight feel.

Test Results

The best thing about the Enduro knee pads is how light they are, how little restriction there is and how breathable the material is, it’s almost like not wearing any. Don’t get too exciting we did say almost, they do still offer protection and during the test period of approximately 4 months there was ample time to test them in the dirt. Surprisingly they offer much more protection than initially thought. Whilst they are lightweight and offer reasonable protection there is always a trade off, to gain pedal power and have a less restrictive ride, you have to trade off some protection with no heavy padding or D30 in sight on these pads.

The heavier offering from Demon, ‘Hyper D30‘ are the no nonsense Downhill and free ride pads that are built to withstand a beating, so the ‘Enduro’ pads are designed to come in lighter for everyday trail rides and enduro racers out there that are happy to trade off a bit of protection for comfort. We found that we actually leave the heavier pads in the car on most rides, the Enduro Knee pads are our go to pads for any rides that don’t include a triple crown fork and a shuttle.

The Final Word

Knee pads are an absolute must when riding mountain bikes in our opinion although we have been known to not wear any on occasion, particularly if its super hot and the trails are tame. The need for heavy knee pads is there when we are pointing the bike downhill, but when we want to climb back to the top under our own steam they can be uncomfortable and restricting. The Demon Enduro pads are a great every day trail pad that provides good protection and feels light as a feather with minimal restriction. They have held up well to our testing and have certainly found a place in our kit bag. ….

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