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When we whack on a race plate and head for a blaze between the tape with the aim of getting the fastest time possible, the last thing we want to happen is a mechanical. It’s a sure fire way to ruin the race and even your weekend, if you didn’t bring the right spare or have the know-how to fix the issue the you may as well crack a beer. This year World Mechanic Race Support is on offer at all the Queensland Enduro events to give you race support as a privateer…. and some comfort to relax in the pits whilst you are at it.

Who are World Mechanic?

The World Mechanic Race Support team consists of founder Jack Galvin who has spent over fifteen years on bikes with a gravity focus, racing at multiple EWS and national rounds he knows his way around a bike. Chris Hinds is a passionate rider and an EWS race mechanic and has also raced multiple EWS rounds.

Photo: Matt Staggs

Last but not least is Harry Bush, if you race in Queensland (or even Australia) then you know who Harry Bush is. A World Cup Level rider and a qualified bike mechanic, Harry is no slouch on or of the bike. The team at World Mechanic certainly has a stellar line up and it looks set to be a welcome addition to the SEQ race scene.

Photo: Andrew Howieson

The Nitty Gritty

Photo: Matt Staggs

So what do you get for your money?

You will be able to get as needed: 

  • Gear Adjustments
  • Brake Bleeds
  • Wheel True
  • Headset Adjustments
  • Pre-Race Run Check Over
  • Access To Parts And Installation
  • Tubeless Tyre Set Up/ Puncture Repair
  • Suspension Set Up

Plus Access to the Athlete Pit tent, providing somewhere to store your gear, unwind and relax in between runs.

Season Pass for 6 races in the Queensland Enduro Series will set you back $315. This gets you unlimited race support over the weekend.

Single Race $75

If you get stuck and you don’t have a membership for the weekend then they can still do quick fixes depending on their workload at individual rates.


Photo: Andrew Howieson

The Final Word

Racing can be unpredictable and having a full race support team is something only the pros can have… until now. World Mechanic Race Support provide you with the solution to close the gap between privateer and pro, keeping you on the trail and focused in between the race tape.

Not only do you get full race support but somewhere to kick back and relax like a pro…

World Mechanic Race Support Website

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