Revised 2020 QLD Enduro Series Dates – COVID Dependent

Just when you thought the year was a write-off for racing bikes and catching up with mates between the tape, the team at White Lightning Events manage to bring us some blockbuster news. This year’s Enduro Series is not done and dusted, there has been a great bunch of race organisers, clubs and the staff at White Lightning working hard to bring us a revised race schedule. They have launched the dates and whilst it is all COVID-19 dependent, it looks like the year is going to finish with a blockbuster few months between the tape…..

We are told the racing will be a little different, after all it is still mid-pandemic so social distancing and safety measures will need to be in place. The details have yet to be released but it is certain that the group of race organisers and White Lightning will have our safety as their first priority, we will keep you updated as details get released.

Round 1: Boomerang Farm 8-9 August

Where gravity meets the dirt you will find Boomerang Farm, the unofficial home to freeride in South East Queensland and an amazing Bike Park, ‘Boomers’ plays host to round 1 of the COVID-19 reformatted series. Guaranteed to be an awesome race with no shortage of jumps, drops, gaps and gravity fed goodness. Boomerang Farm looks set to be the round of the year that will be flat out fun, an awesome spectator event and super high levels of stoke. Check out our ride location article here…

Round 2: Toowoomba 5-6 September

Toowoomba again plays host to another round of the Queensland Enduro Series, a fixture since enduro began in Queensland and home to an ever-growing gravity trail network. Located 2 hours West of Brisbane and set atop the great dividing range, there’s no shortage of descent with long stages and some epic climbs on the menu whenever a race hits this epic location. 2019 saw the inclusion of some new trails and more new trails are in development at Jubilee Park. With no shortage of rocks, dust and gnar, Toowoomba looks set to be a great location for round 2 of the series. Check out our ride location article here.

Round 3: Kandanga 12-13 September

Photo: Nathan Kennedy

Round 3 of the series heads over to Kandanga, more specifically the Trailblazing Bros compound, a private property approximately 2 hours North of Brisbane. Home to the 2019 State DH Championships and no stranger to DH races on the SEQDH calendar, Kandanga looks set to be a gravity fed round with no shortage of steeps. Ride days come up periodically with some shuttles available and private shuttling, head on over to their facebook page and give them a follow to stay up to date with ride days and race details.

Camping will be available onsite at Kandanga.

Round 4: Nerang 3-4 October

Absent from the Queensland Enduro Series for all of 2019 and a complete absence from club level races during the same year, Enduro will find it’s way back to Nerang by way of round 4 of the series. Known for it’s longer, pedal-heavy stages, Nerang will see the fittest racers take the top step for sure. Some new trail work will likely see some new stages and given the popularity of previous races at Nerang, the round should see a good showing of local racers.

Check out our ride location article here

Round 5: Mt Joyce 10-11 October

Mt Joyce will be the location for round 5 of the series after a time away from the race scene due to closures of the MTB park. It’s going to be an exciting round with no shortage of gnar, dusty trails and challenging features. Located at Wyralong Dam a short distance from Beaudesert and about an hour from Brisbane, Mt Joyce has been a staple of the SEQ Enduro series up until last year. Its going to be great to see it back on the race calendar and we look forward to putting some dirt under our wheels out at Joyce. Make sure you are ready for a warm day, with October races at Joyce historically being warm and toasty….

November Dates to be Advised

In a year when nothing is for certain, the team of race organisers and White Lightning Events have managed to salvage some racing for us all. Obviously this is all subject to restrictions and the whole COVID-19 situation, if all goes well we will be back between the tape in August. Brakes Wide Open will keep you updated as new information comes to hand…..


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