Ride Location: White Rock

There’s nothing better than trudging out to a new location, throwing a leg over your bike and hitting the trails. We headed out White Rock recently, a stone’s throw from Ipswich in the Springfield area. This smaller trail network certainly has some good trails on offer for riders of every level, but the real fun starts with a long travel trail bike at White Rock…..

How to get There

Located approximately 45 mins from Brisbane CBD, White Rock is closer to Ipswich than Brisbane proper. From Redbank Plains Road head South on School Road and drive directly into the Paperbark Flats Picnic Area. There’s plenty of Parking and it’s well signposted once you get to School Rd.


The Trails

White Rock consists of a bunch on multi-user trails and fire roads that make up the majority of the network. However there is some gnar to be found and if you look in the right places you’ll find black diamond level trails that suit the ‘Enduro’ category more than cross-country. Fair to say that if you are looking for a bit of fun on a longer travel trail bike then you have come to the right place, with a few gems that will give you rocky, rutted, natural single track with an appropriately level of elevation.


The gem of the lot has to be ‘Pyros’ with a commanding view from the top, it delivers rocky, natural goodness that will have every inch of your suspension being used. That being said if you have a shorter travel bike you can still ride down, everything is rollable at lower speeds. Throughout the area you will find plenty of new lines and there is a few chutes and rock slabs that will keep you on your toes and pushing progression. That being said you certainly won’t be bringing the downhill bike out here as there’s plenty of pedaling to keep the legs burning and the heart pumping.

White Rock can get as easy or hard as you like, you can bring the whole family and chill on the multi-user trails and fire roads or you can head out with the crew for a bit more pace and challenge.

John Dollison getting amongst it


There’s two carparks, maps and toilet facilities at White Rock with water available as well. BYO beer for after the ride…

Best Time to Ride

The best time to ride anywhere on the Western Outskirts of Brisbane is Winter for sure, it’s always cooler and the sun isn’t ripping your skin off or pushing you one step closer to a melanoma. You can ride out here all year round but be warned…. it gets hot as hell in Summer.

John Dollison Dropping in

White Rock is by no means a new spot to ride but is an ever growing network that has a lot to offer riders of all skill levels. If you are looking for a place with raw, rocky and natural trails then head out to White Rock, you won’t be disappointed.

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