Rider Review: Fox DHX2

When it comes to gravity mountain biking there is one thing that has progressed arguably more than anything else in the last decade, suspension. The early years of mountain biking saw the use of coil suspension as a means to keep our tires on the trails and the seat out of our bums, then came the air revolution with ridiculous tune-ability and weight saving benefits over coil. Now the wheel is turning and no longer do we give as much of a hoot about weight, but more about performance. We took a good hard look at one of the top coil shocks on the market for both DH and Enduro over a 8 month test period, here’s our thoughts…

Product: Fox DHX2

RRP: $1025 AUD

Available at: All good bike stores

fitted to 160mm travel Giant Reign for testing

The Nitty Gritty

The DHX2 coil shock from Fox is the top level coil shock on offer for downhill and enduro use. As with any coil shock it comes with a weight penalty and exact weight will depend on shock size and spring size / composition.

  • It features Fox’s RVS or Rod Valve System
  • Optional 2 position lever for selected sizes
  • High and Low speed compression damping
  • High and Low speed adjustments
  • Coil Spring pre-load
  • Ti-Nitride coated shaft

Springs available are either steel or Fox’s more expensive but markedly lighter Super Light-weight Springs (SLS)

Test Results

After 8 months of testing on the trails, it’s safe to say that I’m a big coil shock fan. After a period of adjustment and tuning in the shock to meet my riding demands and style, it has been a flawless performer. Instantly transforming my Giant Reign from a fun bike to an absolute beast of a bike that is playful, supple and has amazing small bump sensitivity. Previously I had a Rockshox Monarch RC2 with Debonair fitted and just couldn’t get it to feel the way I wanted it to, I’d blow through the travel, bottom out and the small bump sensitivity was poor in comparison. The addition of the DHX2 sure changed all of this.

No problem getting sendy with this shock

Honestly the transformation was night and day, from a fun bike to an absolute beast of a bike that I may well hang onto for a little longer now instead of upgrading. I went for a 600 pound SLS spring due to the linear frame leverage of the reign and a rider weight of 85kg fully kitted, as an aggressive rider that likes to hit bigger features this has worked out perfectly. With just on 24 adjustment points, the DHX2 certainly features more adjustment than most coil shocks and once dialed in the set and forget nature of coil suspension is a welcome addition.

Even on light weight trail riding the DHX2 performed well

The Final Word

The Fox DHX2 coil rear shock is an awesome shock that is a great addition to any bike that tackles gnarly terrain with more of a downward trajectory. There are a few things that any rider should weigh up and that is whether a coil shock is best for their frame leverage, rider style, terrain and needs. Not all bikes and rider are suited to coil shocks and as with any change, there are pros and cons. I preferred the DHX2 on my Enduro bike but run a Rockshox Super Deluxe air shock on my DH bike, not every bike or rider is the same.

If you are looking for a coil shock, the DHX2 is certainly the cream of the crop and has performed flawlessly for Brakes Wide Open….


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2 Thoughts

  1. Hi good write up and photos. I’ve got a 2019 DHX2 Factory on 2015 Reign Advanced 1.

    550 coil, 80kg, HSC 13 LSC 9 HSR 10 LSR 11.

    After 13 months I was setup perfectly – fast over rough terrain, responsive, popping off rocks, bottomless springy landings, riding natural rough rocky trails, medium decent drops and jumps. Tried a few coils including progressive (500,525,550,450-550,500-610), to find this as my go-to setup.

    Since a recent service and repair I’ve been tuning more than actual riding. It’s improving but frustrating. It feels over damped, it’s lost the liveliness and feels unresponsive. Maybe they used a different oil spec. I’ve been opening the adjusters and have some improvement but It feels like I’m starting again.

    I’m considering a 575 spring and open HSC LSC to get support without harshness, but I think I just need to refresh my approach to the setup. It feels like I’m starting over again. There are so many opinions and a lot of misinformation out there and It’s rare to find 2015-2017 Reign specific advice.

    Can you please post your shock settings? I’m not chasing the # of clicks but looking for good examples of the range for your spring rate, and ratio or proportion of each setting.


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