Bro Bike NZ: Brake Pad Review

Brakes are very important, that is a fact. The faster you go the more you rely on your brakes to work consistently each and every time. Some riders swear by Shimano, others by SRAM, we all have our different tastes. There is however one thing that we all need and that is a good set of brake pads that won’t break the bank. We grabbed a set of Bro Bike NZ’s brake pads to see if they measured up to the competition…..

Product: Bro Bike NZ Resin Brake Pads for SRAM Guide

RRP: $12 NZD

Available at: Bro Bike NZ

The Nitty Gritty

Organic Semi-Sintered pads that combine an organic resin compound with rotor friendly red copper sinters. The highest friction coefficient in Bro’s line up for that instant grab feel. Quite simply put they are resin pads that with a semi-sintered mix.

Test Results

Our goal when we grabbed a set of these pads was to find out if you could get a set of brake pads at this price point and have them still perform as good as the branded pads from SRAM. We got 4 packs for $40 NZD plus $10 shipping from the guys at Bro Bike NZ, a deal that seems to run fairly often. At that price it’s hard to not wait the week or so it took for them to land on our doorstep. We whacked a set on the Giant Reign and hit the trails over the last few months in hot dry conditions, moist Tassie conditions, from bike park trails to ungroomed natural single track. Fair to say they got a work out….

The question is, do they perform as well as the big brands?

For us it was quite simply a resounding yes. After bedding in the pads, they performed flawlessly, just they way you want your brakes to perform. At half the price of the SRAM pads and with equal performance, you have to wonder why we are paying so much for brake pads.

The Final Word

We are always up for testing gear that will save us a few pennies , providing we don’t sacrifice with quality. With all pretty much all brake pads being manufactured in China and the big brands shuffling them through a few hands, it makes sense to save a few pennies and buy direct from Bro Bike NZ. It’s an online world where you can get anything shipped from anywhere in the world, NZ is pretty much Australia, right?

Sustainable packaging

The bottom line was these pads are cheap as chips and have just as much stopping power as their competitors, something we at Brakes Wide Open will be taking into account when we get our next set of pads….

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