LY100 Goggles: Rider Review

If you are accustomed to going fast on a mountain bike and chasing gravity with every aspect of your riding then you are accustomed to whacking on a pair of goggles. After all, we protect our heads… shouldn’t we protect our eyes? There’s no point pinning it down a trail after your mates if you keep copping a face full of rocks and dirt with nothing to protect your vision. That’s where the guys at LY100 Australia come in, we’ve been riding in their goggles for the last few months and here’s our two cents worth.

Product: LY64 Super Wide Vision Pro Goggles

RRP: 79.90

Available at: LY100 AUS, We the Riders and some LBS.

The Nitty Gritty

LY100 have launched their website recently with their flagship goggles the LY64 Super Wide Vision Pro goggles being the main event online. These goggles are the premium level goggles they offer at a very affordable price and have a few features worth mentioning.

  • Super Wide Vision – These goggles are about as wide as you will get with extremely good vision when riding with no real distortion in your view, keeping your focus on riding.
  • Chromatic Lens – Scratch resistant, Anti-Glare, Anti-fog and UV380 protective.
  • Triple Layer no sweat foam
  • Removable nose piece – used for Moto as a roost guard but is easily pulled out for MTB use.

Available in four colours: Stealth Black (New), Matt Fluro / Matt Black, Matt Turq / Matt Black and Gloss White / Gloss Black.

White and Turq – nose piece on and off

So what does this all mean? A hell of a lot of bang for your buck we reckon and we set about testing them to make sure they stood up to their claims.

Triple Layer No Sweat Foam

Test Results

For over 3 months we tested these goggles in the hot, dry and dusty Queensland Summer, on Downhill tracks and Enduro or trail riding. They even went for a trip to Tassie to test out their metal on some of the best trail riding in the country, Derby. One of the biggest attributes that hit us straight away was the vision, the Super Wide Vision really does make a difference without impacting your helmet / goggle interface. The lens’ were great, the fit was good and the vision was clear, something you may not expect from such a reasonably priced set of goggles.

From our perspective, the LY64 Super Wide Vision Goggles are the best bang for buck goggles under a hundred dollars anywhere in the country.

One of the downfalls many budget and mid-range goggles have is that they fog up really easily, in the Australian summer this is a deal breaker. The LY64 goggle did exactly as advertised, maintained clear vision, didn’t fog up and protected our eyes. Surprisingly the lens’ have held up to a beating with no shortage of dust, rocks and dirt heading their way out at Boomerang Farm; and the comfort factor is certainly high on these goggles. Overall the test results were great and it’s tough to get a great quality goggle for MX or MTB at this price point, but the team at LY100 Aus have certainly done that.

The Final Word

For just under eighty big ones, the LY64 Super Wide Vision goggles are a steal. You get a great pair of goggles that protect your eyes, stave off glare and fog, delivering clear vision so you can focus on the trail ahead; all while keeping a few dollars in your pocket. They come with a spare clear lens for those darker cloudy days, micro-fibre bag, cleaning cloth and rock up at your door in a swift and timely manner. From our perspective, the LY64 Super Wide Vision Goggles are the best bang for buck goggles under a hundred dollars anywhere in the country.

Fluro and Black

If you are chasing a new set of goggles that won’t break the bank then take a gander at LY100 Australia’s offering, the LY64.

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