New Enduro Helmet Rules: what’s on our heads?

The 2020 race season sees the MTBA make some changes that will allow Australian Enduro riders to race without the need to don a full face helmet. Before you throw your toys and spit out your beer, settle in and let’s look at the nitty gritty of the changes…..

Currently Riders wanting to compete in MTBA sanctioned Enduro races or any major series in Australia, must wear a full face helmet with or without a detachable chin bar and meeting standard AS2063. This rule has been around since the start of Enduro racing in Australia and has been an unwavering fixture in the rule book. That is, until now.

December saw MTBA re-write the rule book so to speak, with the review and re-iteration of the technical regulations guidelines for mountain biking coming into effect as of 1 January, 2020. The intent was to better reflect the advent of the National Cup structure, to bring all the guidelines into one document more inline with the UCI; and identify specific rule and regulation changes. So what the heck does that mean for Enduro and DH riders?

Our review of the document can see that the only major changes at present for Gravity Enduro are that helmet regulations will be split into two categories:

  • Class A Events – requires a full face with or without a detachable chinbar for all special stages, half shells can be worn only on liaison stages.
  • Class B Events (Terrain dependent) – full face is not compulsory and any helmet meeting AS2063 OR equivalent international standards

So what are class A and class B Enduro events?

Class A events have been defined by MTBA as “GE events incorporating very technical terrain OR steep mountainsides OR very high speed trails” (MTBA Technical Regulations page 46)

Class B Events are all other GE Events.

Safe to say we will be seeing a more relaxed view on donning a full face in the Queensland Enduro Series and other Series. Obviously this is just the MTBA guidelines and certain organisers may still make it compulsory to where full face helmets. After all, we have seen the Fox Superflow Series which is coming to Queensland full time now, taking a more relaxed approach and allowing open face helmets.

Downhill sees next to no changes and the big changes have occurred in GE, full face helmets meeting AS2063 or equivalent international standard and no detachable chinbar is still the Downhill helmet standard.


The next revision is due to take place in 2021 with changes already being sited for the GE discipline, what they are we don’t know but it looks to be an exciting time in the growing sport. As usual Brakes Wide Open will keep you up to date on all the nitty gritty as it becomes clear to us, in the meantime keep it pinned and enjoy the trails….

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