Ride Location: Clear Mountain

Nestled in the outer North West of Brisbane is Clear Mountain, an awesome natural downhill trail that works well in all weather conditions and is an easy shuttle in the back of a ute. We spent some time out there in the dirt and gathered everything you need to know to get your long travel gravity rig smashing down the trail and getting some air beneath your wheels….

How to Get There

Clear Mountain is situated 27 kilometres North West of the Brisbane CBD and is a picturesque location with spectacular views and a blockbuster gravity trail. Parking can be found at the top of the trail and is not overly obvious unless you know the way, this is where trailforks is your friend and parking at the top of the trail can easily be found.

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The Trail

Clear Mountain has only one trail to pin down, only one way to get to the bottom with a couple of sneaky lines and some spin-off lines that join back up to the main trail. Whilst it has only one trail, the trail is a giver in the sense that it is everything you could want in a South East Queensland trail. It starts off with a fast run in from the parking area into two table tops with decent kickers that will send you high in the air and get the adrenaline pumping early, it’s also a great spot to session and get some air awareness or jump practice. From here it twists and turns across some steep rocky terrain with plenty of natural features, doubles and no shortage of rutty goodness.

Each section of the trail brings a different ride experience with a couple of big jumps, multiple decent drops before snaking across the fire road and into a fast jump section full of little kickers and no shortage of speed. Traction is best after rain otherwise you can expect the dusty, loose goodness that Queensland trails have to offer. The trail continues all the way to Winn Rd and is a sub-five minute ride for anyone that has the brakes wide open. It’s an easy 4km shuttle back up the top and you’ll be back on the trail in no time, keeping your rotors hot and your stoke levels high.


It’s pretty natural out at Clear Mountain and there’s not much out there, so bring your own water, food and spares. As always, the best way to shuttle is with an esky full of cold drinks and some beers for after the ride.

Best Time to Ride

Clear Mountain is one of the few places in South East Queensland that is blockbuster after rain and can be ridden in any conditions, so if you are loooking for a wet weather option then this is the place to go. The best thing about living in Queensland is you can ride year round and winter often has the best conditions for riding due to the cooler days, but any day is a good day to ride in Brisbane.

If you are looking for a great spot to shuttle, session and have a great time with your mates on a long travel enduro bike or DH bike, then Clear Mountain is the spot for you. As always make sure you look after the trail and keep your Brakes Wide Open….

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