Review: Hostile Handwear Gloves

When it comes to contact points, our hands are arguably the most important parts contacting our bike. As such it’s important to make sure we have our hands covered for grip and protection if we hit the dirt. Hostile Handwear are an Aussie company that is producing action sports gloves that will keep our mitts covered and keep you focused on ripping down the trails and sending features. We took a good hard look at their exclusive ‘Boston’ series gloves….

Product: Hostile Handwear Exclusive Series ‘Boston’ Gloves

RRP: $39.99

Available at: Hostile Handwear

The Nitty Gritty

The Hostile handwear ‘Boston’ gloves are part of their exclusive series and are available online at Hostile Handwear. An Aussie based company located in Sydney, Hostile Handwear are producing quality gloves for all action sports from motocross to mountain biking.

The Boston gloves are designed for comfort, breath-ability and elasticity; making for a perfect fit and a great set of gloves. They have a sublimated spandex upper providing style and flexibility, a synthetic leather palm for durability and protection when you hit the dirt, and a pull tab to ease your way into them. Two finger anti-slip design allows for perfect lever action and the wrist strap makes for a perfect fit around your wrist.

Test Results

We took a set of the ‘Boston’ gloves on a month long journey of sending in the hot and dry Queensland conditions on both trail rides and plenty of Downhill runs. Features were sent, gaps were jumped, drops were hit and sweat poured of our brow. The gloves were certainly as comfortable as any gloves that have donned my hands in the past. Much more comfortable than some of the heavier gloves on offer from the big brands and the flexibility and breath-ability was second to none.

They hit the dirt on a few occasions and skin was left well intact, the bike was picked back up and we got straight back in the hot seat to keep sending. One of the biggest factors when looking at ride attire in Queensland is the need for a breath-ability and comfort without sacrificing quality, protection and grip; Hostile Handwear delivered all of this and more in their offering the ‘Boston’ glove.

Final Word

Australian based companies producing quality gear focused on our unique climate and riding conditions are on the rise, the necessity to support these companies means we will keep getting unique kit that suits our conditions. Hostile Handwear are a Sydney based company doing just this and they certainly get our tick of approval when looking at a great set of gloves that will not only look good, but provide a comfortable and breathable glove option for all gravity riding conditions.

If you are in the market for a new set of gloves then take a look at Hostile Handwear, Brakes Wide Open will be donning these gloves to hit the trails over summer to stay cool, comfortable and look damn good doing it!

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