Wolf Tooth Chain Ring: Rider Review

In a world of 1x drivetrains and ever increasing gear ranges, it’s always necessary to keep up with the times and get quality parts that will keep you on the trail. This year we took a look at the Wolf Tooth drop stop chain ring and decided to give you our thoughts on the component…

Product: Wolf Tooth Drop Stop NW Chainring

RRP: $145.00 AUD

Available at: Mountain Bikes Direct, Wolf Tooth Components and any good bike store.

The Nitty Gritty

Wolf tooth components are known for their quality products, high level machining and just producing damn good gear. The Drop Stop Narrow Wide Chain ring looks like no exception. Made from high grade 7075-T6 Aluminium these chain rings swing in at just 70g for the 32 tooth SRAM direct mount version. Made in the USA by Wolf Tooth for Wolf Tooth, there is no issues with quality control when grabbing one of these bad boys. Wolf Tooth’s patented drop stop technology is employed, which is Wolf Tooth’s take on a Narrow Wide chain ring, allowing greater chain security on the larger lugs and mud shedding ability on the narrow lugs.

Test Results

Wolf Tooth recommend the use of a clutch rear derailleur with the drop-stop chain ring, but don’t specifically state you need to use a chain guide at all. We found that after 6 months of testing the chain ring performed well and had no issues on the trail with chain retention or wear. In fact, the chain ring looks like it could hold up for quite some time longer despite a harsh season on the bike. We did find that on rougher DH or gnarly rock gardens, the need for a chain guide is still there. Our thoughts are that you can only do so much without a the necessity for a chain guide, if you are whacking it on your trail bike or anything that isn’t a proper black diamond DH trail or above then you could easily not use a chain guide, the NW chain ring and clutch derailleur would be more than suffice.

The Final Word

Another quality product by Wolf Tooth and definitely one worth looking at if you are in the market for a new NW chain ring. We put it through it’s paces in both the 32 Tooth and 30 tooth variety, finding that it looks good, performs as expected and is a good component. The love for a good descent is one that is held high at Brakes Wide Open, so we’ll always pair our long travel bikes with a chain guide, but if you want to drop some weight then run your steed without one for all mountain / trail use.

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