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When it comes to mountain bike apparel there’s a few boxes to tick before we go ahead and say we are happy with the kit we ride in. The blistering Australian sun can take it’s toll on us and breath-ability is a major factor when choosing our ride kit. Not only does the kit have to be breathable, but it needs to look damn good and feel as comfy as your favourite pair of underwear. We took a closer look at Aussie brand Frank’d MTB Apparel’s offerings ‘The Cadet Jersey’ and ‘The Staple’ Shorts, here’s our findings…

Who Are Frank’d MTB Apparel?

Frank’d MTB apparel is a small mountain bike apparel company that has launched out of Western Australia in the last few years. Born from the necessity to find Australian made, quality and breathable ride gear, Frank’d MTB apparel looks to bring you locally made gear at an affordable price. Tested in the hot and dry conditions of the Western Australian trails, you can be assured of the necessity for breath-ability and comfort. In a market filled with big companies offering mass produced ride-wear, it’s nice to see local companies take up the fight for better quality gear at a better price point.

The Cadet Jersey

RRP $59.99


The Cadet Jersey is a short sleeve jersey that is made of 100% polyester and designed to be the most breathable jersey Frank’d could create. Using Airtech breathable technology designed to give you more airflow with mesh fabric for the chest, back and arms; ‘The Cadet’ is certainly a jersey to keep you cool in the Australian summer. Short sleeves keep your guns on show and your arms cool, whilst a drop tail keeps your butt crack covered in the riding position!

Test Results

We spent a month testing the comfort, feel and breath-ability of ‘The Cadet’ Jersey in the hot Queensland sun and have to say we were impressed. One of the biggest issues we have with jerseys in Australia is that they are designed for the European of American climates. This leaves us with good looking jerseys that often are warm as toast and breathe almost as well as a T-shirt (well maybe not that bad). Hands down the biggest selling point this jersey has is the absolute breath-ability and ability to keep you cooler than most other jerseys. The airflow, vented mesh panels, short sleeves and lightweight polyester all combine to bring you an extremely breathable and cool jersey.

As far as comfort on the trail goes, it’s two thumbs up over here and a resounding ‘yes’ to looking good. The Cadet Jersey is definitely a competitor and it looks like Frank’d MTB Apparel have kicked some goals with this jersey. If the rest of their line-up is as good as this, then we can all rest assured that another local Australian brand is matching it with the big brands.

The Staple Shorts

RRP $84.95


Sometimes simplicity is where we all want to be, we want a pair of shorts that fit, are comfortable, breathe well and have enough pockets. There is nothing worse than getting a great pair of shorts and not having enough pockets to carry your phone, keys and anything else you need to stow. The Staple shorts certainly meet that criteria, with open pockets and zip cargo style pockets on either side. Made from lightweight four-way stretch material, ‘The Staple’ shorts certainly deliver with comfort and won’t restrict any movement, so you are safe to throw down your sickest moves on the trail without the ability to blame your shorts when you fail.

Test Results

The biggest initial concern we had when we got these shorts was the generous fit, but it looks like Frank’d were all over this with velcro side tabs to dial it in nice and snug. The four-way stretch material really seems to work and there was absolutely no restriction on or off the trail. Breath-ability was second to none and despite the stealthy black look ‘The Staple’ shorts were cool, comfy and sometimes we forgot they were even there. Rounding out the win was of course no lack of pockets, this meant we could hit with trails with just a water bottle, spares on the frame and everything else in our shorts.

The Bottom Line

Here at Brakes Wide Open we are big on supporting local brands and for us that means Australian brands. Frank’d MTB Apparel are certainly an Aussie brand that is being driven in the right direction, with awesome products that not only look good but perform as well or better than the competition. It’s a big ‘ole market out there for ride apparel and we think that there is plenty of room for this WA brand to move and shake it’s way deep into the market. The Cadet jersey and The Staple shorts are definitely great quality products that are designed for Australian riding conditions, they perform well, look good and are born of Australian blood. Do yourself a favor and out Frank’d on your list of brands to check out next time you are looking for some new ride apparel.

Ride Australian, buy Australian and support Australian….

2 Thoughts

  1. I’ve been running FRANKD kit for the last two seasons and I have to agree with you 100% this is the most comfortable mtb clothing I’ve ever worn. The fabric technology keeps improving too and there’s a variety of “amounts of mesh” for different weather conditions (ladies, fear not – you don’t have to have the holey stuff on your chest).

    FRANKD also does really cheap custom jerseys. Our crew had them knock up some long sleeved kit in non-meshed polyester which kept us perfectly comfortable for the cools of Tasmania on a recent bike trip!

    Also check out the socks. Hard to find socks made specifically for MTB! There’s summer and winter fabrics to keep you covered all year round.

    As you can see I’m pretty stoked on this stuff!

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