Ride Location: Hennessey Hill DH Track

Hennessey Hill DH track or ‘Beeries’ at Beerburrum, is the only local spot on the Sunshine Coast for gravity riding that is open to the public and fully council funded. Revamped in 2011 by Trailworx the black diamond rated gravity trail has no shortage of fun and runs directly parallel to Beerburrum-Woodford Rd, making shuttling a breeze. We headed out for a morning on the trail and will certainly be back!

Garry Wellman getting steezey at Beeries

The history of ‘Beeries’ steeps back as far as 2004 when it was an illegally built unoffical trail used by the locals to get their fix of gravity mountain biking. In 2011 it officially open after being revamped and built by Trailworx and since then it has been a well known location for anyone wanting to get a little sideways and put some air underneath their wheels. Home to many a DH race in it’s time Hennessey Hill DH track is a great spot to grab a crew and hit the trails with a shuttle rig.

How To Get There

Located just outside of Beerburrum, on Beerburrum-Woodford Rd, Hennessey Hill DH trail is well signposted and easy to find. Just head along Beerburrum-Woodford Rd until it turns to dirt then pass the pickup point on the left and continue for another 1.5km on sealed road, take a left turn at the sign and park up. There’s plenty of room for parking and a 4WD is not necessary, the turn around point down the bottom has plenty of room for loading back up for the shuttle to the top. There’s no water or toilets so make sure you bring everything you need.

The Trail

John Dollisson with the X-UP on trail

Rated as a black diamond trail by IMBA standards, ‘Beeries’ has plenty to keep you entertained. With two main lines that intersect and rejoin at different places, there’s something for everyone. The main line is more flowy with berms, small drops, doubles, a few rocky sections and one gap jump that can’t be rolled. There is b-lines for everything so as long as you can ride reasonably you should be fine to have a crack and get your share of stoke on.

Mike Branch closing the gap

The second line is a little more technical with a more rocky features, a few extra drops and some high pace sections. It rejoins back with the main trail just before the gap jump so you can still get your fair share of air time. Easily one of the funnest trails in the SEQ area and a breeze to shuttle, ‘Beeries’ is definitely worth checking out. Suitable for long travel trail bikes and DH rigs, best ridden with shuttles but it’s a mellow climb on the road for the pedal-mad crew.

Gazza Wellman coming in hot to the shuttle point

If you are chasing a great day shuttling on a fun DH trail with plenty of features to keep you entertained, then head out to Hennessey Hill DH track for some fun in the sun. It doesn’t fair well in wet weather so try and pick a dry day, grab a bunch of mates and get sendy…

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