Fox Super Flow Comes to Queensland

The Fox Superflow series has been held in NSW by Rocky Trail Entertainment since 2012, aiming to combine the best parts of everyday mountain biking and put it in race format that anyone can race. No start times, no big features, just flowy single track and a bunch of mates hitting the dirt. This year will see the first Fox Super Flow race held in Queensland, at Nerang mountain bike trails on the Gold Coast.

When: November 3, 2019

Where: Nerang Mountain Bike trails

Cost: $85 including all photos

What is Super Flow?

Fox Super Flow is Rocky Trail’s take on Enduro, but what does that mean? Well to any seasoned Enduro rider, this may be a much more mellow, pedally and flowy version of the racing discipline. Less gravity than the Queensland Enduro Series and less technical features, more flow and focus on a relaxed racing environment. This means that everyday riders may well have a window into stage racing and a great day with their mates, without worrying about hitting any technical features.

Is There Room for Another Series?

The Queensland Enduro Scene has certainly blown up in the last few years and this year we have seen more races than ever before. The Queensland Enduro Series is the foundation with 7 races and State Championships, the Scenic Rim Series had two races, there were three stand alone enduro races held by clubs and now the Fox Superflow Series is heading our way. All of these races in addition to the SEQDH series. Is this too much or is there room for all of these races?

The mountain biking scene is blowing up world-wide with increasing popularity and a main stream push, Queensland is no different. Perfect weather most of the year round, access to loads of trail networks on our door step and increasing popularity makes SEQ a great place to ride a mountain bike. The Super Flow Series looks to not so much compete with the existing races but offer a more mellow, relaxed race environment for all riders, irrelevant of their skill level. It has certainly been popular in NSW and time will tell the tale as to whether it will be here to stay.

Here at Brakes Wide Open we are super excited about the state of the mountain biking community in Queensland and if Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Fox Super Flow Series gets more riders on the trails, with race plates strapped to their bikes……then it can only be a good thing. Check out the full details on the link below.



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