Top 5 MTB Podcasts: Livin’ all things MTB

As mountain bikers we love talking about mountain biking, riding bikes, thinking about mountain biking, tinkering with our bikes and watching and listening to anything mountain bike related…..oh and drinking beer. For us here at Brakes Wide Open, we love doing all of the above and one of our favorite things to do whilst working on our bikes is listen to podcasts. Some people listen while they drive, ride, work on their bikes or mow the lawn. However you like to listen to your podcasts it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that you listen to our top 5 mountain biking podcasts!

Hands down one of our favorite podcasts, Sean Spomer brings you the inside line with some of the industries greatest minds, creators and riders. One of the most interesting and entertaining podcasts with an engaging host, select guests and a great range of topics that will keep you hangin’ on til the end. Posting approximately every two weeks, this is a podcast not to miss for anyone gravity bike related.


The Downtime podcast is exactly that, a podcast built predominantly around the downs, gravity bound and good to go. Chris Hall brings you the inside insight into the world of downhill and regular mountain biking with awesome post race shows with Neko Mullaly and Eliot Jackson, interviews with industry experts and epic racers like Yoann Barelli, this podcast keeps you interested every step of the way. A great way to keep up with the UCI world cup and other gravity related news.


The MTB podcast covers all the latest news, racing, products, insider stories and more in the world of mountain biking. If it has to do with two-wheels, no topic is off-topic, that’s their mantra. Not a bad podcast at all and it certainly isn’t a purists podcast with all disciplines of mountain biking encompassed in this great podcast. It doesn’t matter if you wear lycra, have flat bars or drop bars, narrow bars or wide, flats or clips, 100mm of travel or 200mm, hosts Jonathon Lee and Steven Lewis keep the banter level high and deliver an entertaining podcast.


A recent addition to the mtb podcasting world, ‘Making up the numbers’ is in it’s inaugural season and certainly is kicking some goals. With a primarily British spin on things, “Making up the number’s” is the creative juice of George Thompson a racer himself. Brought to you by Hope Technology, Revolution Bike Park and Singletrack, this is a podcast based primarily on DH racing with a decidedly British spin. Despite this spin, “Making up the Number’s” is still an entertaining listen and a podcast worth downloading if you don’t mind chewing brake pads with 4-pot brakes.


Last but not least we have the HKT (Hookit) Podcast brought to you by HKT products and hosted by Davi Birks. This podcast is a little different and certainly a bit more ‘Enduro’ focused, with regular episodes with EWS or Bust’s Richard Payne among other riders. There’s some awesome episodes but don’t let the Enduro tag turn you off, this podcast is not just about enduro or mountain biking and covers other action sports aswell. Primarily this podcast brings you some great interviews with mountain bikers of varying disciplines, spiced up with some fitness advice, BMX freestyle rider interviews and some other random goodness.


Podcasts aren’t for everyone, but for the team at Brakes Wide Open they are crucial to getting through our days. If you haven’t checked out any of these blockbuster podcasts then make sure you have a listen. If there’s any podcasts that you love feel free to let us know, we are always looking for new stuff to listen to!


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