Rider Review: Wolf Tooth Mini-Roll Top Bag

The modern mountain biker doesn’t really want to carry too much on his or her body, particularly when it’s hot and sweat is streaming down your back. More and more methods of offloading the weight and stowing your gear on the bike have begun to emerge, from strap systems to bags. We love a great way to get the gear on the bike and off our backs and the team at Wolf Tooth have done exactly that with their mini-roll top bag.

Product: Wolf Tooth Mini-Roll Top Bag

RRP: $60 AUD

Available at: Mountain Bikes Direct and all good bike stores

The Nitty Gritty

The Wolf Tooth mini roll-top bag is designed to keep the minimum amount of gear on your bike in a weather proof, good-looking bag. Made out of water proof 420D ripstop nylon with sealed seams, the mini roll-top bag is built to outlast any conditions on the trail. Whilst it isn’t ‘dunk’ proof, it will certainly keep your kit dry in even the nastiest weather. Weighing in at only 160g and a capable carry size of 0.6L, the mini roll-top bag is perfectly suited to the minimalist requiring the minimum kit needed for any trail side fix.

Just enough room for the essentials – pack pliers, multi-tool, C02, tire levers and a tube.

Test Results

If we are being fair, we’d say that like all kit carrying options… the Wolf Tooth mini roll-top bag may not be for everyone. In fact we see it as an integral bit of kit for a select group of riders, those that like to ride hard no matter what the weather and those that like to travel light. The mini roll-top bag seems to replace the tube strap and carry everything the tube strap does and more, but in a weather-proof bag that weighs next to nothing. No longer will you need to worry about the tube you have strapped to your bike wearing through, or getting covered in mud. Your tools will not suffer the weather and your bike will look pretty sick in the mean time.

Looking the goods – Wolf Tooth deliver again

We found that after months of testing we grew to love the mini roll-top bag, after what we thought would be a relationship of dislike, we soon found the slot in which the mini roll-top bag not only fit in….. but filled immensely. One of the biggest draw cards is the versatility, not only can it be mounted to a backing plate that bolts straight to the B-RAD system, but it can be strapped anywhere on your bike. Some people strap it to the seat rails (XC style), seat tube or our favorite was in the nook between the top tube and the down tube. No matter where you mount it, we found that the mini roll-top bag has made it’s way onto our essential kit list.

Tucked away nicely and performing well during the test period.

The Wolf Tooth mini roll-top bag was one that we initially thought we would dislike and to be fair, a brief period of adjustment was required as we worked out how it fit into our ride kit. Instead of adding to the current kit, we replaced the carry strap on the bike and whacked everything held on by the strap and a couple of extra items into the bag. If you are chasing a new means to carry your spares and want it to not only carry the kit, but keep it safe from the rain and do a good job looking damn hot in the meantime………. then the Wolf Tooth mini roll-top bag is for you.

Locked onto the back plate

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