Long Term Review: Dakine Hot Laps 2L pack

When it comes to carrying gear on the trail there is an assortment of packs, straps and waist packs that will carry your essential kit for every ride. Some people opt for a camelbak full to the brim of everything they could possibly need, whilst others may take a minimalist approach and carry as little as possible. For those of us in between these two categories, there is the Dakine Hot Laps 2L waist pack….

Product: Dakine Hot Laps 2L pack

RRP: $61.00

Available at: Mountain Bikes Direct and all good bike stores.

When the team at Brakes Wide Open hits the trails we like to be prepared, but not overloaded; that means having all the essentials to keep the bike running, a snack and maybe a bottle or two of water, plus or minus your phone and keys. For us that meant the Dakine Hot Laps 2L waist pack might be an ideal fit. Designed to carry only what you need on trails and keep the sweat off your back and allow airflow to keep you cool, the Hot Laps pack is a welcome addition to the trail rider’s arsenal.

The main compartment has just enough room to fit a tube, snacks, multi-tool, some cable ties, keys and a soft lined pocket designed to fit your phone. A few organiser pockets will keep your gear neat and the deploy-able drink bottle holder on the side is a welcome addition. For all the enduro and trail riders out there, this pack has everything you need and not enough room for the stuff you don’t.

Stores your gear so you can focus on sending….

After a full season on the trail inclusive of multiple races, gravity rides, epic back country rides and long days in the saddle; the Dakine Hot Laps 2L lumbar pack got the tick of approval by the testers at Brakes Wide Open. It’s comfortable, not too big, durable and well designed, all things we have come to expect from Dakine. Whilst some riders may want the ability to carry a bladder in their waist pack, for us it seems overkill in such a small pack. If you want bigger storage and love to carry a bladder over bottles then the 5L version may be your cup of tea.

For the vast majority of rides, we didn’t need to use the bottle holder because the single bottle on the bike was enough, but if there was going to be a long day in the saddle without the ability to fill water bottles, then the side bottle holder was perfect. The only gripe we have is that the side bottle holder isn’t centered so if you have a full bottle it can throw your weight off a smidge, the solution to this is of course to drink this bottle first and get on with the trail ride.

When it comes to hitting the trails, we all like to ditch the kit off our backs, particularly in hot, humid weather. For everything but your shuttle days, a waist pack may be the go to bit of kit to hold your gear whilst hitting the trails. The Dakine Hot Laps 2L is a great addition to your ride kit and gets the tick of approval from the team at Brakes Wide Open…

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