Long Term Review: ODI Elite Pro Grips

When it comes to contact points most riders have differing tastes and opinions, grips are no different. We took a good, hard look at ODI’s Elite Pro grips with 8 months of testing on a long travel trail beast. After eight months of testing our grips had been through the ringer with races, crashes and a bucket load of use… we are pretty certain we got the skinny on these grips.

Product: ODI Elite Pro Grips

RRP: $50

Available at: Mountain Bikes Direct and all good bike stores

The Nitty Gritty

Designed in conjunction with Curtis Keene, ODI engineered the Elite Pro to put padding where you need it most, grip where you need it most and no shortage of comfort. The single clamp design makes fitting and removal a breeze and the signature waffle grip allows for non-slip goodness when you need it most. Available in six different colours to match your steed and keep you looking good on the trail.

Test Results

After 8 months of testing it is clear to say that we were impressed and will definitely be sticking with the ODI Elite Pro grips we whacked on the test bike. Initial impressions were not that great to be honest, the grips actually felt quite hard and stiff. This definitely put us off, but after a few weeks the grips softened and the comfort factor was remarkably improved. In fact, right now after 8 months on the bike, the Elite Pro grips couldn’t feel any better.

When it came to grip, the ODI Elite Pro grips definitely do the job, not one slippage during the test period. This included Enduro races in pouring rain, bike park laps in loose and dusty conditions, regular trail rides over decent distances and even a few road kilometers. A few nasty crashes have taken their toll on the ends of our grips but otherwise they have stood up to the challenge and delivered the goods.

Our ODI Elite Pros took a beating

ODI have a history steeped in motocross and downhill mountain biking with no shortage of quality products delivered over the years. The ODI Elite Pro Grips are no exception and are another great product from a stand-up brand like ODI. If you are chasing a new set of grips for your gravity bike then look no further, we were thoroughly impressed once the grips softened and can’t go past their performance.


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