Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers: Rider Review

When it comes to being prepared on the trail, there are a number of items one should carry to make sure you make it to end of the race or back to your car after a long ride. A multi-tool is a crucial piece of your kit, but what about when you snap a chain and need to fix it on the trail? Your tire lever snaps and you are left with no means of changing your tire? Enter the Wolf Tooth pack pliers, a worthy addition to any enduro rider’s kit.

Product: Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

RRP: $57 AUD

Available from: Mountain Bikes Direct

Small, compact and looking good.

The Nitty Gritty

The Wolf Tooth pack pliers are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and like all Wolf Tooth products, they are a perfectly made bit of kit that not only look good but are of the highest quality. Weighing in at only 38.5g, the pack pliers will keep even the most weight-conscious rider happy and can easily be added to your ride kit. Compatible with 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed drive trains, there’s no concern about the efficacy of the tool.


When you pull these bad boys out of the packet its pretty easy to see the quality of the product, but like many Wolf Tooth products there is more beneath the surface. The Pack pliers have an abundance of features and there seems to be a lot more than you would first expect:

  • Master Link pliers – makes removing master links a breeze
  • Master Link storage – there is room for two sets of master links that can be stored within the pack pliers and are held securely by magnets
  • Presta Valve core remover
  • Valve stem lock nut wrench
  • Tire Lever – not recommended for carbon rims

Test Results

At first glance the Wolf Tooth pack pliers are perhaps an expensive bit of unnecessary kit, after all how many times do you need to undo a master link or fix a chain on the trail? However, for the Enduro racer or the traveling trail rider, the Pack Pliers have certainly made themselves an integral bit of kit. Gone are the days of having to take off a shoe lace to undo a master link, I mean who really wants to do that any way? The ease of use of the pliers as a master link removal tool makes them an easy option for trail side fixes. The fact that the spare links can be held within the pliers is a great addition making life much simpler when chain repairs are needed mid-race.

Room to stash 2 sets of master links

The tire lever function served us well, more so for anyone running Cushcore or other tire inserts, where a bit of extra structure in the tire lever makes tire removal much simpler. Cushcore are notorious for being difficult to remove but with the solid aluminum tire lever function of the pack pliers it was a much simpler process and applying adequate pressure to break the bead was much easier than with a plastic lever.

The Presta valve core removal tool is an interesting extra on the tool, it is one that we didn’t use but can see the use if you are on a trip away and don’t want to carry tools for that stubborn tubeless tire that just won’t seat. The same can be said for the lock nut wrench, a novel extra that probably won’t be used often but it’s there when you need it.

The Bottom Line

Where do we see the Wolf tooth Pack pliers being used?

The Pack Pliers are an addition that would allow any rider to not have to carry a large amount of tools away with them. With the addition of a good multi-tool, the combination allows the rider to have just about every tool he or she would need to repair just about anything on your bike, without having to bring a tool bag. Throwing a multi-tool and pack pliers in your bike bag gives you the ability to build your bike, maintain your bike and keep shredding whilst you are away without the need to carry a load of heavy tools.

For the Enduro racer they provide the extra bit of kit needed to make sure you can take care of any trail side fix, keeping you in the race and off the sideline. For the everyday trail rider that likes to go for long rides the pack pliers adds that addition of comfort in the knowledge that you can fix anything trail side and make it back to your car hands-down every time.

Wolf Tooth pack pliers may not be a bit of kit that every rider will see a use for but for the traveling rider, back-country explorer and budding racer it provides an awesome solution to carrying extra tools. Shiny, anodized and of the highest quality, the pack pliers don’t come cheap; but you get what you pay for and as usual Wolf Tooth have delivered a quality product.

Wolf Tooth pack pliers are available at Mountain Bikes Direct in Australia or from Wolf Tooth worldwide.


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