WTB Silverado Saddle: Rider Review

When it comes to contact points there are a few spots to consider but arguably none more important than a saddle. It’s where you whack you butt on those long rides, it can be comfortable as well as practical or it can be the bearer of hot spots and chaff. We took a good hard look at WTB’s Silverado saddle during a long term test, after six months on the trails here’s what we found….

Product: WTB Silverado Team edition saddle

Price: $224.99

The Nitty Gritty

Weighing in at only 197g the Silverado certainly doesn’t tip the scales in the wrong direction. The structure of the saddle is made up of Flex-tuned shell, DNA padding and wrapped in a micro fibre cover. Black on Black colouring adorns the Silverado and the signature WTB nose tip has not been left off the menu. A good looking saddle that will match any bike.

Test Results

After six months of testing the WTB Silverado it’s fair to say that we logged some miles on this bad boy. From four-hour Enduro races to everyday trail rides we put the Silverado to the test time and time again. One thing we can say is that it has held up its side of the bargain and performed well.

When we first got the Siverado it looked great out of the box, an awesome finish with a narrow and long design looked like it was going to be the business from the get go. What we found when we mounted it though was rather surprising. Initially the saddle felt firm and uncomfortable, something that had us here at Brakes Wide Open surprised, after all WTB are known for their great saddles. After a few rides though, the Silverado seemed to get a hell of a lot more comfortable and not feel as stiff on your sit bones. Perhaps it was the DNA foam softening a little or maybe it was just a good old fashioned wearing in, but the saddle certainly felt a damn lot better.

The shape of the saddle certainly seems to suit the trail riding or Enduro racing crowd, climbing definitely felt comfortable and no damage to the skin on the behind was found anywhere. The longest day on the bike was just over four hours and the Silverado delivered a comfortable, light-weight feel that not only did the job but impressed.

The beginner crowd should definitely steer clear of the Silverado because it is a performance saddle and not the butt cushion that some riders may be chasing. For those of us with a few years on the bike, WTB have delivered a light weight seat that will keep the vast majority of us happy on the trails.

Every rider has different riding style, contact point preferences and butt size; this will definitely play a roll when selecting your saddle. Not all saddles are equal and what works for one rider might not work for another. The Silverado is vastly different to the Volt and they certainly feel like different products, but once broken in, we seem to prefer the Silverado over the Volt.

Pros: lightweight, titanium rails, good looking saddle

Cons: Takes time to break in, only one colour choice.

Rating: 8/10

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