The Enduro World Series got the hills of Derby, Tasmania for the second time and the riders and crowd were not disappointed. The rocky trails of Blue Derby were shaking with excitement as one of the biggest crowds in EWS history beared witness to an epic round of riding.

Last weekend saw the running of round two of the 2019 Enduro World Series at Derby, Tasmania. The small Tasmanian town that was reborn with the blood of World Trail builders and the rubber of from the wheels of mountain bikers world-wide. Located just 90 minutes from Launceston and home to one of the best trail networks in Australia, Derby packs a punch for any mountain biker regardless of talent.

Beautiful Blue Derby
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

When you bring the top Enduro riders from around the world to this blockbuster location, throw in a hefty serving of cracking weather, a few beers and an epic crowd….. you have a recipe for success. The second showing of the EWS in Derby proved to be bigger and better than the first time the series came to Australia with the biggest crowds ever seen at an EWS event. From old men with beers to young boys with chainsaws, the rocky slabs and flowy trails of Blue Derby were adorned with every variety of spectator.

Even the kids had chainsaws going…
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

Kumma Gutza, Detonate, Kingswall, Return to sender, Shearpin and Trouty made up the stages for the epic race and two days of racing would see the riders complete over 45km of riding with over 2000 metres of climbing and descending. That’s an epic race in anyone’s books and proved to be a challenge for even the very best in the world. As the tape went up and the timing chips were handed out, an amazing weekend of racing was unleashed on this unique mountain biking town.

Jesse Melamed and Remi Gauvin sailing up the liaison climb
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

Martin Maes proved too good again on his 29-27.5 mixed wheel size GT, with Florian Nicholai pulling into second place and Aussie Connor Fearon stopping the European contingent from taking the podium completely. Sam Hill was still not up to speed after being unwell in New Zealand and the Kiwi contingent made their place known, with Keegan Wright and Ed Masters finishing in the top ten. Remi Gauvin and Jesse Melamed had a solid showing for Rocky Mountain, with the Canadians finishing 4th and 8th respectively.

Sam Hill finished in 9th place
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

With Cecile Ravanel still out with injury the Women’s field became an extremely competitive platform and exciting racing was to be seen. Isabeau Courdurier continued her reign of power early this season taking the top step twenty two seconds ahead of Jill Kintner, her first EWS event yielding her a second place. Third place was taken out by local Rowena Fry only 34 seconds off the pace after two days of racing, a crowd favorite and a definite contender this year.

The Aussie DH pro taking his first EWS podium and flying the flag for Australia
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries
Jesse Melamed letting it all hang out with one stage win
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

Mens Elite

  1. Martin Maes
  2. Florian Nicholai
  3. Connor Fearon
  4. Remi Gauvin
  5. Kevin Miquel
Even the amateurs were pinning it hard!
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

Women’s Elite

  1. Isabeau Courdurier
  2. Jill Kintner
  3. Rowena Fry
  4. Noga Korem
  5. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau
Wyn Masters a solid showing in the top 15
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

Blue Derby was billed to be an epic event and it delivered in so many ways. One of the biggest crowds ever seen in the Enduro World Series, the world’s best riders and some of the best trails built in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Round two set the standard for the rest of the season and the bar is set high, Australia has made a name for itself in the mountain biking world once again. With Maes and Courdurier taking out the first two rounds, the series heads to Portugal to see if the King and Queens can be knocked off their throne and we are set for an epic season ahead…..

Return to Sender and into the heckle zone
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries
The amateurs pushed their limits hard in the EWS 100 and 80
Photo Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages / Diall’d Industries

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