Rider Review: Time ATAC MX4 Pedals

Whether you live in a world of flat pedals or buy into the clipless train, a good quality pedal is an absolute must when riding gravity trails. We grabbed a set of Time ATAC MX4 pedals, laced them to a Giant Reign for testing and raced them down one of the most challenging Enduro courses we could find….

Product: Time ATAC MX4 Pedals

RRP: 149.99

The Technical Details

Time ATAC MX4 pedals are composite pedals designed for the enduro / all mountain application and are a light weight clipless pedal with ATAC cleat entry. The axle is hollow steel and the body glass filled composite material providing a light weight pedal with excellent performance. The ATAC cleat entry allows you to easily get in and out of the pedal; the open design offers excellent mud shedding and the large platform adds stability. Weighing in at just 192g, Time MX4 pedals are certainly lightweight compared to some of their competitors.

Trail Test

The best way to test a good set of pedals is to whack them on your steed and race a four hour enduro race with some of the best gravity trails in Queensland. That is exactly what we did, we whacked a set of MX4’s on the Reign and headed out to Boomerang Farm for their club Gravity Enduro event. With over 1000m of elevation, 6 stages and no shortage of drops, jumps, gaps, chutes and steep single track; Boomerang Farm provided the perfect testing ground.

Tested hard, fast and in the air. Photo: Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages

How did we find the MX4’s?

The Time MX4 pedals certainly did the job and did the job well. At no stage did your feet wander from the clips unless you wanted them to, they were easy to clip in and easy to clip out. This made it extremely easy to put a foot out when required and clip back in effortlessly each and every time. To be honest they performed much better than we expected and the ATAC clipless system has always been a favorite of ours at Brakes Wide Open.

No shortage of features to test on at race pace. Photo: Nathan Kennedy @iamnkimages

The only thing we didn’t like about the MX4s is the composite material used for the pedal body. Whilst this may make the pedals much lighter, you have to wonder about the durability; but you have to make sacrifices if you want to shed weight. Racing is certainly hard on equipment and they held up well with just one small mark in the pedal body itself. Overall we were certainly impressed and would buy another set without question, we’ll let you know how they last in the long term test.

The MX4’s were not only lightweight but super easy to clip in and clip out, allowing the best of both worlds, pedaling efficiency coupled with the ability to go foot out, flat out when you needed to. The ATAC clipless system provides not just the easy entry and exit, but the mud-shedding ability was better than other clipless systems we have tried. If you are chasing a killer set of clipless pedals for your trail bike then look no further, Time MX4 pedals rate 9/10 on our judging scale and get a big thumbs up from Brakes Wide Open.

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