A New world: 2019 UCI World Cup Shake Up

The off-season has certainly led to some blockbuster line-up changes with some big team shake ups making 2019 look like a new world in racing. This year will see the World Cup entourage make their way to eight race locations to pin it between the tape….

Before we move onto the race schedule there’s a huge amount of shaking and baking going in the team line-ups and we’ll dive right in to have a good hard look at it. Adam Brayton has made the move to Nukeproof and will be ripping the race circuit on a Nukeproof Pulse this year. No doubt he will be carrying some pace and making some waves as he aims for the podium.

Velosolutions Scott has finished up it’s World Cup foray and as such the team will no longer exist. Scott has announced its Factory DH team as a result and Brendon Fairclough will be joined by Dean Lucas (off intense), Florent Payet and Marine’ Cabirou. The gambler will definitely be getting a workout with this team lineup.

Brendog stays with Scott but the team is different
Dean Lucas with his new team

Perhaps one of the bigger moves is the move of the Atherton Clan off of Trek Factory racing. There has been a bunch of rumours surrounding their move and until now no news as to where they would go, well the news is in. The Atherton’s will be racing for Atherton Racing this year on a new ‘Atherton’ prototype bike, that is sure to hit the market some time in the future. Brakes Wide Open will keep you posted on the progress of this new brand developed by the racing champions.

New bikes by Atherton coming soon

Last but not least and perhaps the biggest move for the 2019 racing roster is the move of Aaron Gwin. The 5 time overall champion and racing legend has split with YT after they made a move away from one of the fastest men of all time. He will take Neko Mullaly with him and join Jack Moir over at Intense Factory racing, a move Intense will surely be excited about. Not only does Aaron bring his racing prowess but he brings his product development talent and with him on board we are looking forward to exciting times with Intense.

A blockbuster line up at Intense this year
Aaron Gwin looking at home on the M29

Whilst there are many more moves on the 2019 race roster including a whole new team for Trek and YT, we figured we would only borrow your time for the biggest and best before digging into the race fixtures for their coming season. Stay tuned later this week for our breakdown of the race roster.

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