New Dawn: Riding the Life We Love

As the sun sets on another year and the dawn of a new era begins, one can’t help but look back and reflect on the wonders of the year just gone. Mountains that have been conquered, dust that has been unsettled, features that had been sent and trails that had been ridden to death by you and your mates. There is nothing truly as amazing as heading into the wilderness on your bike, with nothing but the gear on your back and a bunch of good mates. New Year, spend it riding the life you love….


2018 was another year of good times, good rides, good mates and great advancements in mountain biking on a global scale. As we look back and think about the year just gone it’s important that we note the positive things in our lives and for many of us that is time behind bars on the trails with our mates. 29ers have inched their way into Downhill and have been taking over the Enduro scene, Aaron Gwin was knocked from his throne in exhilerating fashion in the World Cup scene and our first positive drug tests have come in from the EWS faction. One big year, but a year that has passed, a year that has helped build the foundations of the next.


Whether you are a social rider that just loves to get out with a group of mates and spin the wheels and throw some banter about before drowning a couple of cold ones afterwards, or you are a seasoned pro on the world circuit, it’s important that we realise why we do what we do. The love for the bike, the passion for the trails, the ability to throw the world away for a few hours as we focus on the next berm, the next jump and the next trail as we flick the dust off our wheels. We ride because we love it….


This year needs to be another year where we can all just lose ourselves in our sport and drive ourselves in whichever direction we choose to go. Whether it be to conquer a few more features, advance our skills, advance our fitness, win some races or get into the EWS circuit; whatever your desire make sure you do it on a bike with a smile on your dial. Never lose the focus that we do what we do because we love it, not because we want to win races, that’s just a bonus.


So as the new year has rolled on in, set yourself some goals, help those around you, progress and do it with a passion for the bike. It doesn’t matter what your skill set, progression is progression no matter how you look at it. There’s no point setting goals and progressing though if you don’t have a damn good time doing it. Don’t take life too seriously, tow a few strangers into features, do it with a smile on you face and have a damn good year!

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