Gear Review: Back Country Research Mutherload Strap

When you hit the trails you need to hit the trails prepared, carrying all the gear to get you through most mechanical issues that may arise during your ride, to keep the wheels spinning, the rubber burning and the stoke levels high. Everyone hates carrying a backpack, but is there another option?

There are a number of ways to carry your tube, CO2 canisters, tire levers and multi-tool, but all usually include strapping a bag to your back or waist. We’ve been running the Back Country Research Mutherload strap for the last 9 months on a long term test and it’s fair to say we are thoroughly impressed. Not only does it keep your kit strapped firmly to your steed, but it looks damn good doing it!

Practical and easy to use

If there is one thing to love about the Mutherload strap it is the ease of use. This thing is so easy to use and simple yet practical and functional at the same time. Not only is the simplicity of design so easy to wrap your head around but the rubber straps that hold the load in are a great innovation. This allows the ability to hold not just a tube, but a multi-tool, 2 x CO2 canisters, tire levers and anything else you could imagine. During the test period this strap not only delivered but surpassed our expectation with a total of zero failures despite heavy use, gnarly terrain, big crashes and weather of all varieties.

A load Off at a Small Price

As you can tell we were massively impressed with the Back Country Mutherload strap and we can’t recommend this bit of kit enough. For the gravity rider that isn’t shuttling, this is a must-have item that will take the load off your back and put it low on the bike. There’s nothing worse than the ole’ sweaty back routine on a hot day and every effort to put the load low on the bike is a welcomed approach from out point of view. Not only does this bit of kit work, look good and have a large array of styles; but it comes at a low cost. Retailing at just USD $21.00 or around $30 AUD, these bad boys don’t break the budget. Available from every good bike store or online at

If you are looking for a way to shirk the bag off your back and keep the load low and centered then this bit of kit is a must on any trail bike. After 9 months of hard wear and tear, the Back Country Mutherload has delivered beyond expectations…

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